Dear reader,

Thank you for your interest. So far I have been very successful in predicting XLM's movements since mid-2017.
(Please have a look at my "Lumeneer" Twitter feed's media forsome good past calls.)

I'm a strong supporter and believer in Stellar Lumens as a project however I think a break from downward trend is unlikely in the near future. I see XLM going as low as 0.07 - a pessimistic outlook for such a promising project.

I am very confident that long term XLM will break $1 so any "buy and forget" strategies will work but if you want to maximise the amount of Lumens you hold you may wish to provisionally set stop losses at expected resistance or indeed short & buy/long at expected support lines.

Another bounce off 0.15 - 0.18 likely and will be a good indication if we're going any deeper as a strong rally from there should fill future projections with an optimistic outlook. If not we have another support line before 0.07 which I see as bedrock - time will tell.

A shallow or failed rally from 0.15-0.18 will likely fall quickly & break support which will see us go further with an expected stop at 0.13 and well down the support lines we go until strong rejection...

As with all patterns and projections, the market is dynamic. We must adapt to moderate-strong deviation quickly and minimise losses. Any trader that losses small amounts has plenty of time to try again!

I have seen some comment about habitually losing out on trading with margin etc. If you are on a losing streak you have to acknowledge that you are doing something wrong. Step back, re-assess put your trades on paper, develop a good track record before commiting capital again.

Otherwise I wish you all good trading and many Lumens.

Comment: So market structure broke and we headed below 0.17 - we had our 0.13 bounce which was weak and headed lower.

Like a strong/parabolic uptrend needs a strong signal to end abruptly so does a strong downtrend. Otherwise we may range for a while.

The obvious levels to watch are 0.055 - 0.08 but we may not even get there so ladder buys from here *keeping in mind we could go lower and may need to hold for _months_