NASDAQ:SUNW   Sunworks, Inc
Strategy/Chart pattern: Break out

Entry: Immediately (Limit 11$)

Stop: 8.84$

Target 1: 12.86$

Target 2: 16$

Risk/Reward-Ratio: 1.5:1

Stopmanagement: Parabolic SAR daily chart default settings

Intermarketanalysis: Please are beware of the fact that the probability of rising yields of the bonds in the next weeks to months is much higher than their decline which again is bad for techcompanies with a high amount of outside capital. This is why I would recommend to only risk 0.3% of the portfolio

Description: The chart broke a trendline which was intact since the end of January 2021. The break was NOT confirmed by the volume , which is another reason (see intermarketanalysis) why I only will risk 0.3% of my portfolio for this trade