ETHUSDT Technical AnalysisSUSHIBTC


⏳ Spot

💎 SUSHIBTC after the breakout of the resistance will go for a retest and then again will go up. It may go to the Pullback zone before it goes up.

🏁 Short & Medium Term

💵 Invest Only 5% of your Portfolio

🎳 Entry at market or 0.0002495

☕️ TP1 0.0003025
🍺 TP2 0.0003225
🍻 TP3 0.0003435
🍾 TP4 0.0003880
🍷 TP5 0.0004445
🍸 TP6 ___________
🍹 TP7 ___________
🎁 TP8 ___________

🚫 SL 0.0002290

Good Luck 🎲

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