Altcoin Gems 1: $SUTER by Suterusu

KUCOIN:SUTERBTC   Suterusu / Bitcoin
Hi guys,

I've had the idea to begin a new series called 'Alt Coin Gems'. This is a great opportunity to introduce the general public to new projects, but also a good way for me to dig a little deeper into projects and interact with others. This will be the first coin, and I will be following up with others! Enjoy the gainnss :)

It’s my pleasure to present you with a fantastic buy opportunity on a low-cap alt gem. Suterusu is a layer 2 private payment infrastructure project for smart contracts, with over 10m daily transactions on BSC , Ethereum , Theta, Heco, SmartBCH (BCH sidechain) and with plans soon to deploy on additional smart contract platforms including Near, Solana, Avalanche, Moonbeam, Plasma, Matic.

The innovation behind Suterusu’s ZK-ConsSNARK zero-knowledge proof technology, their team, and the impressive adoption and community metrics are factors I considered when arriving at the conclusion that this coin is heavily undervalued at current levels.

The Technology
A key feature of any cryptocurrency project seeking to establish itself following this current innovation cycle is interoperability. A standalone protocol/project is unlikely to have a sustainable future beyond this current cycle without being able to interact with and operate on multiple different networks. The fact that Suterusu’s code currently supports deployment on the abovementioned platforms means that it will benefit from the growth and overall adoption of those platforms too.

Suter has the potential to be the infrastructure upon which blockchain solutions requiring anonymised transactions protecting the sender, receiver and transaction quantity can be built. The protocol provides convenient tools allowing other projects easily to add privacy features using ZK-ConsSNARK, and could be the foundation for use-cases requiring anonymity of payments/identity and data protection.

The Team
Suterusu’s team is headed by competent experts in cryptography and in the blockchain industry, a wonderful marriage of technical and business growth expertise that will contribute positively to the growth of this project.

Their Chief Technical Officer ( CTO ) Dr Huang Ling has a background in applied cryptography with over 1,508 citations on over 20 papers. On the commercial side their Chief Strategy Officer ( CSO ) is Richard Liu who is founding member of FBG Capital, one of Asia’s hottest blockchain VCs that boasts Sylicon Valley heavyweights Sequoia as an LP.

Adoption / Community
The usage and community metrics on Suter are impressive, and from this current base are only likely to improve with time. Currently Suter has a total volume of $223,801,581 transactions across a universe of around +15,000 active users. They also have a highly engaged community, with 68.3k followers on twitter and 33,755 members on its telegram channel. If these numbers continue to grow, then I anticipate ever higher usage and adoption of its solutions.

Key Levels to Watch
I’ve already been accumulating between 8-10 Sats , and now I’m keeping an eye on the weekly candles to scale into my trade and add to my current position.
Currently the weekly candle is forming a gravestone doji , but I think that we should see a green weekly close. If we get a close > 15 sats , then we could expect a breakout with 68% gains to 25 sats . From there we could see a retest of that 15-19 Sats zone before making new highs above 46 Sats . Essentially 9 Sats is our support, 15 sats our resistance which if broken and positively retested could print 185% returns to 43 sats (as a minimum imo).

This is easily a multiple x coin imo because of how heavily undervalued it is relative to other privacy projects when considering its fundamentals. Of course I invite you always to DYOR and feel free to reach out to me if you have any comments or just for a general chat about crypto!

I will make an effort regularly to update my tradingview with projects with strong potential, and as such would be grateful for any contributions to help assist with this endevour:

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