TATAMotors ShortTerm Trade & Long+Mid Term Investing Opportunity

Stock broke down in the previous triangle pattern due to news regarding chip deficit and is nearing the strong support zone around 285 RS . It may find support and undergo a reversal rally within the current prize channel or breakdown causing further crash. Brokerage Houses around the world are bullish on the stock. Stock is good for traders to enter or for long term investors to enter as this price acts as a strong support zone preventing further downside with upward potential.

Enter The Stock after confirming support around RS 280-290.

Target Price - RS 338-355 (Near the Resistance for *Traders*) (*Investors* Can Hold on to the stock without exiting the trade for medium to long term investments)

Stop Loss - RS 260-250 supported by strong support and 200 EMA below (For *Traders*)

Risk Reward Ratio for Traders - 2:1

DYOR before taking action. No Trade can be 100% Successful. Position Sizing Is Important.

Also note for investors - This is not a Investment recommendation. It is just a good price level to add up stocks or newly invest into TATA Motors due to technical situation of the stock.
Trade closed: target reached