Is transaction capital about to break up out of this triangle?

With a solid business model, good management, steady long-term growth, will transaction capital bull forward? The move to lock-down level 3 and opening of more sectors of the economy might just be what investors are looking for in good news to re-invest in trans-cap.
Comment: My Sasol analysis turned out to be spot on thus far and Transaction Capital is on the right track. Let us hope it continues the strong performance and rides the opening up of the economy wave all the way to previous highs of R 27.
Comment: Looks like TCP might fail to reach the projected R 22 by tomorrow, however, MACD on the daily and weekly time frames still has plenty of upside potential. I believe the breaking of 22 is inevitable. Afterwards a slight pullback to probably the 0.618 fib thereafter a pump to near all time highs.