TGT - Analysis on recent strong moves - what we need to move up

BATS:TGT   Target Corporation
Welcome back to the trading floor traders! Our favorite place to be...

On Target, we are likely going to need some further liquidity to be built for the bulls to continue moving this up the way they have been - if this is the case, it will happen using our teal and orange controlled selling algorithms.

First we will look for yellow strong buying continuation to hold price and attempt a retest of our $153 high - but a break of yellow and we are then looking for confirmation of sell-side tapering via our teal channel.

Note: $150 is a strong level that could give us a reaction and quick bounce but in order for new highs to continue to be created we will need to continue to use our controlled selling algos to do that.

Keep you posted here as price develops!

Also please join me at market open (9:30 AM EST) where I will be trading live on stream here on TradingView and taking trades, analyzing charts, and having fun with our awesome community.

Happy Trading :)

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