COIN - Lots of profits to be made - beautiful algo confluence

BATS:COIN   Coinbase Global
This can break out of our controlled selling algorithms any day - especially as we started to see sell-side tapering via our teal algorithm on Friday.

Look for Yellow strong buying channel to activate and break us out of the magenta/purple/teal algorithms which will lead us to a retest of highs at the $180-$185 level.

We will be trading this today live on the stream if the opportunity presents itself - we have some clear levels and things we're looking out for and we don't want to miss this one.

See you there!

Happy Trading :)
Well this worked out nicely (to say the least!). Happened sooner than I expected it to but nonetheless, 20% move on the day after clear tapering and liquidity built. This is why I do what I do!!!

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