BINANCE:THETAUSD   Theta Token / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Theta has been stuck inside a downtrend channel since around the end of march and has been unable to fully breakthrough out of this channel, the most we have seen is a few wicks above the channel, if we want to see theta go on a big run here we will need to see a break of a few key levels, first the top of the descending channel , the 0.2 FIB level which is lying directly above the top of our channel and then finally the first point of resistance coming from the pivot points . we have actually crossed the bullish pivot point but not by too much, our candles recently have been sitting almost right on this point and i feel we gotta make a move upwards soon before we risk falling back below this level. Looking at the bollinger bands a very key thing that could happen would be price action grabbing onto that top band and going for a rollercoaster ride upwards, which i think would completely blow us right through these few key points i was talking about, in order for that to happen though we need to atleast breakthrough the top of the descending channel , once that is done the top bollinger band will be right in our reach! Looking at the MACD we are seeing good separation within the MA's but i notice the blue ma is starting to come down a bit towards the orange, now this is very important because if we don't see a bounce on the MACD due to a runnup in price we are playing with a possible bearish cross which could definitely set us back even more, we could start to see a little bear cycle on the MACD if our histogram continues to shrink the bars its printing! Not financial advice just my opinion!