CRYPTOCAP:TOTAL3   Crypto Total Market Cap Excluding BTC and ETH, $
This is one of those charts that does not need a huge amount of explanation. It is a 5 day chart comparing October 2020 (prior to the bull run that followed over the next 6 months). There are many fractals with that time and the present day.

1) Notice the life cross? Green arrows.

2) Notice the 5-day/200.sma resistance before the breakout? Red arrows?

3) Following the breakout price action in October 2020 the candle body closes were exactly 22% above the life cross and never closed lower just as it is today.

4) This idea is a continuation of the “Total 3 market capital to 10x” idea (below) that was published in July 2023. The bull flag informs us there remains another 500-600% return. Some still think is this a bear market. What gives?

5) Just as it was written in the first idea, “It is not my expectation for legacy tokens to participate in this bull market”. Hear this raw. LTC, DASH, MATIC, XRP, you name it, the big legacy market capital tokens are not participating in this bull market. Receive many messages explaining with this point of view is “wrong” despite the lacklustre price action. Remember, emotions are a Maccy D’s recruitment tool, I mean emotions are a money killer.

6) There’s a whole bunch of other fractal info shared elsewhere but the overall picture is well presented here. The next 6 months will transfer wealth for those with a plan.


Total 3 market capital to 10x
Trade active:
All good.
Explosive move in the market now follows for TOTAL 3.
There are only 29 tokens in all of Binance at this time currently showing strong potential. Astonishingly one one of them are in the top 60 by market capital!



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