$TRX/BTC long term target

$TRX is another 17' era ico which did an impressive pump in the previous cycle.
Like most of the other coins it has been in a down trend for multiple years with quite a bit of sideways action which has offered allot of opportunity for accumulation.

I'm expecting Tron to continue the uptrend it started at the start of 2021 and reach at least the 1.618 fibline at 700 satoshi, which would be a good profit taking point.
Before reaching the target I see the need for TRX to first clear the resistances at 315 satoshi and the one at 1.0 fibline, at 465 satoshi.

My 2 main targets for TRX are at 1100 satoshi and at 1700 satoshi, both also used as previous cycle resistances.

In a case of overreaction in the market and TRX making a moonshot I would aim for a target around 5000 satoshi.

Once again, I do not take time into consideration, nor expect TRX to hit the price in near future. Although it might do it like it did last cycle and like DOGE already did this cycle, this targets should be considered a longer term play.