[IMPORTANT] TRON (TRXBTC) & BitTorrent (BTT) Turns Bearish

The airdrop for BitTorrent ( BTT ), TRON's cousin, is coming on the 11th February and a drop might ensue for both TRON ( TRXBTC ) and BitTorrent ( BTTBTC ).

Both charts are now looking bearish after certain support levels were broken.

TRXH19 on BitMEX was looking bullish , due to a huge green candle that only came up there. Looking at the candle, a huge rejection ensued but the chart signals remained bullish due to its massive size. You can see this chart here:
But there is more:

  • When you look at it closer, you can see that this is a manipulation trap, the divergence can be spotted, TRXH19 will be moving down. We will trade it SHORT.

As for TRXBTC , look at the chart above:

  • We have 3 higher lows and a brek below EMA10.
  • TRX can move as low as EMA50 first or 0.786 of fib. retrace at 620 satoshis. This would be the first stop, it can even go lower.
  • The MACD and RSI are bearish and trending down.

In Summary, TRON ( TRXBTC ) is now bearish .

Conditions for change: If the last high can be broken and closen above, 863 satoshis, then this analysis would be invalidated.

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Comment: I mentioned "We will trade it SHORT. " and it drops:
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