TRX/USD Main trend (most of it). Bowl with a handle. Triangle

The main trend (most of it). We see a huge bowl of about 800% of the main support liquidity zone formed in the long-term trend. From the zone of its resistance pullback (secondary trend). Which has formed a triangle, which could act as a "handle" to this huge cup (a cup with a handle) in case it breaks up.

Coinmarket: TRX

Secondary trend. Triangle Zone.
Local work (reversal zone) with this triangle and the manipulation that occurred with the price I showed in this training/work idea: TRX/USD Manipulation with News Work by Major Participants

Also, underneath the description (inside) of this training/trading idea, I have secured many similar training/work ideas on various trading instruments that have been published over 1 year on this site (all on a live chart). Everything is shown and described not after, but before what happens.

Here is how this bowl looks like on the line chart (Bitrex exchange, 0.88 - listing time), but actually more if you take the same Binance (bowl resistance on the line 0.16 - 0.2). The peak of the candle ( pamp ) was at 0.35 (not confirmed by the opposite base of the bowl). This should be kept in mind when trading.

The less you set your target levels too high in a trade, the more likely they are to be reached.
Comment: Against the background of bitcoin correction in the local trend and behind it the whole market, one TRX is not affected at all at the moment.

5 05 2022 USDD launch on TRONA blockchain.

The price is sideways and now again approached the resistance 0.7107) The sideways is tight to the dynamic resistance (red) of the big triangle (main trend) which has been forming for more than 1 year.
Comment: +18% (0.83) from the breakdown of the resistance of the descending secondary trend (triangle) at the moment. +40% from the reversal support level 0.06049
Comment: Timeframe 3 days. We approached the resistance zone of the former second distribution zone during the formation of a large triangle. Overcoming this zone is much higher than the "space level". Not overcoming the return locally to the breakdown zone
Comment: The return back to the breakdown zone of the big triangle on the background of a super dump of altcoins (the only coin that kept its price, and to bitcoin due to the fall of the latter rose significantly).
Comment: Price is moving further in the channel. The price reached its resistance of +27% from the reversal of the mirror level 0.07107. The important zone is a breakout of its resistance to the local "space" level or a pullback inside this channel. Remember, an "asteroid" flies (the largest approach to the earth is 27 05) to the earth, which will fly past it). But, that could trigger a wave of volatility perturbation. "They say this is the last asteroid in 2022.
Comment: Local work. As long as it is held in this reversal zone. Showed the percentage of exit from it.
Comment: False breakout of the triangle at the level of 0.08844 and from it a dump-squeeze to the level of 0.046 (0.04666)
Comment: Timeframe 3 days. Logarithm graph. Fractal .

On the trading pair TRX/USD, an identical fractal was formed after the dump as in March-April 2020 on the BTC /USD trading pair during the birth of a super uptrend + 723% from the resistance breakout zone of this local formation.

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