EASY123 Prediction @MYX TSH

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*Trend direction: UPTREND - Green background (Higher-High & Higher Low was observed)
*The price has break-up and hoover along our lifeline (Redline) on 20-May.
*Bottom signal (Green-upward triangle 19-Mar, followed by Yellow-Diamond "BT" on 25-Mar & 15-Apr) were sighted on our chart.
*Turning points (Purple-candle) have appeared on 26-Mar, 06/17/30-Apr, & 15-May, an indication of the price revert to upward direction.
*The accelerate signal (White-Diamond) was sighted on 22-Apr & 18-May, an indication of the strong buying momentum.
*A Yellow-candle + Alert Bell has appeared on 06-May, an indication of potential price rally to take-off.

Prediction: The price broke up our lifeline (resistance) on 20-May and it hoover along our lifeline (Redline) region.
It is making a correction after it has made a new high RM0.93 on 21-May.
Once it breaks the immediate resistance R0.93 it will take-off to the next level.
*Otherwise, it will hover sideways within a range between 0.93-0.73 within a BOX pattern.

Preference Strategy: Swing trading (Follow the BUY/SELL Signal respectively).
Target Price: R1=0.99-1.01 & R2=1.11-1.18
Support/Cut Loss: S1=0.73-0.70 & S2=0.63

*Reminder TP & CL is an individual preference & decision. No fixed rule or guideline for it...Trade at your own risk.

Signal's Interpretation:
BUY Signal:-
*Green-Background = Indication of an Uptrend
*BT-Yellow-Diamond = Indication of Bottom signal.
*Green-Upward-Triangle = Indication of Hot-seller, potentially a Bottom signal.
*White-Diamond = Indication of a strong upward momentum accelerator.
*Purple-Candle = Indication of a strong turning point or a trend reversal.
*Yellow-Candle + Alert-Bell = Indication of Price take-off area.

SELL Signal:-
*Red-Background = Indication of a Downtrend.
*Red-Dot = Indication of Hot-buyer, potentially a Top signal.
*Blue-Candle = Indication of Price selling off area.
Trade active: It is a technical correction after it tested near our immediate resistance 0.93. (Profit-taking as it could not break out the immediate resistance)
It is now supported at our lifeline (Redline) despite deep drop KLCI on 12-Jun.
It is creating a BOX pattern and moving sideways range 0.78-0.93

Our trade remains active if the BOX range remains intact. Else we will abandon this ticker.

*If you want to know more detail on how to operate with our signal. You can drop a message to us.
Good luck & Happy Trading!
Trade active: Price just broke the critical Pre-High 0.93 on 17-Jul. A coming back signal has appeared 2 days ago (15-Jul). Obviously the rally is predicted very near the corner.
*Do not miss the coming rally!

If you wanted to understand how to use our signal template, feel free to drop us a message, we will share the template with you.

Good luck & Happy Trading!
Trade active: per our prediction, TSH has become a FLYING stock. It continues rallies and just passing our R2 (RM1.11)

Good luck & Happy Trading!
Trade active: TSH, trade remained active. Look for a pullback re-entry point for the next target rally.

Disclaimer: This is not a Buy or Sell suggestion but solely sharing information. Trade at your own risk.

Good luck & Happy Trading!

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