Tesla: Buy Opportunity

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
In Monthly, Weekly and Daily time frames price is making candles with the higher lower shadows and we can see the upside pressure.

Currently, price is above Weekly and Daily highs and is approaching to the Monthly High.

In 4H timeframe, there is an uptrend and an upside breakout on the symmetrical triangle pattern .

If price breaks the last month’s high ($698) and closes above this level, we can expect more rise to the resistance level at $768 (R2) in the future.
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Outstanding charting
Excellent setup,thank you!
Awesome chart, thank you! 👍
easy to understand, thank you 🦐
yep, Our group will buy at the open, Also if pullback we will buy to accumulate. Beating Q1, Q2 and still under 900 last high is at huge discount. P/E, P/S, P/B are cheaper than January. Expect a short squeeze eventually. Hedgies game won't last. They can manipulate pretend pullback, but the truth will prevail and correct higher line up to their EPS/revenues results. Expect 1200 breakout in Q3. Also, COIN (Coinbase global) will short squeeze eventually due to hedgies game. COIN huge Q1 and crypto transaction happen every second. COIN doesn't care if crypto is up or down. COIN 500 breakout will come. Buy TSLA, COIN accumulate. The more you accumulate at this level, the more explosive become the short squeeze. Zillow (Z) is hot too. Ready to correct higher.
agree with the bullish outlook as well :) thx
awesome chart and idea
feb 8 did the same thing and went sharp down after, i hop im wrong
thanks for sharing your great idea