TESLA: Can we exploit a tweet?

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
Tesla did a sudden retreat over a few hours. It was caused by a tweet. Unfortunately I'm not at liberty to say who made the tweet. DYOR.

The point is, if you look at the 1H chart TSLA is back on a bull run. The tweet in question was just a minor 'itch' caused by the tweet.

Sorry - I don't do predictions, so there is no advice on entry points or targets. In fact I don't deal with targets at all.

Note carefully that TSLA is a very volatile stock, especially on 1H time frame. If you take a position long on this you stand to lose money, in attempting to make money.

Disclaimers: This is not advice or encouragement to trade securities. No predictions and no guarantees supplied. Any previous advantageous performance shown in other scenarios, is not indicative of future performance. If you make decisions based on opinion expressed here or on my profile and you lose your money, kindly sue yourself.
Comment: Time to get out!
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