Take advantage of millenials stupidity

27% of tesla shares are sold short. Price is surging, sellers are going to cover.
After that happens, and maybe some hesitation, it may be interesting to short sell this.

Links to check %floats of most shorted stocks on the US market:

Something like this can happen so let's first wait for short sellers to get squeezed :)

With millenials being what they are this thing could even go into a bubble.
They say IQs have dropped by 14 points since the last century...
And they're persuaded of being right. A giant herd of brainlets persuaded they are right that keep buying.
That alone would make the price go up up up.

Around 78.6%, IF shorts got squeezed (not too many shares sold short), would be a good place to sell.
Keep your eyes open for excitement "the bull market is back" if they start buyign aggressively the trade is cancelled, have to wait for the rally to end...

Oct 25
Comment: Tesla fundamentals are unchanged.
All the things that don't add up and cause bears to short are still there.
Earnings are not even half of what they were last year.


What did I miss? Honest question I'm wondering. Please let me know in the comments if I missed something.
Oct 25
Order cancelled: I am not really eager to short before 350.

I want to see lower short interest too...
We will get the info about the 30/10 short interest the 10 november I think.
Oct 29
Comment: Would like to know short interest before entering, we'll have that info from nasdaq in 10 days I don't think we can know before...

A double top or other distribution pattern would be interesting.

I don't think I'll take that trade because of european leverage restrictions... Need to focus it all on where I get the most bang for my buck... cannot diversify even if I see great opportunities... I missed so much... I have to do this if I want to keep the hope of growing my account to a decent size before I'm 50. I'm just going to end up going to an offshore broker.

But I'll still try to follow this.

I do not have high expectancy there will be a nice free entry, but maybe there will be with all the Robinhood millenials "buying the dip" filling bear shorts.

Lmao "let's save the planet by removing plant food from the atmosphere"
This is going to sound soooo idiotic in a few decades...
The co2 chart is not even correlated to the temperature chart outside of the 1950-1990 period.
We're still in a glacial period, ignorant sheep are acting like being in a glacial period is the norm and the planet can't survive livable conditions XD
"NONONO we need to live in a glacial period or all life on earth will die"
The absolute peak of irony is there are so many species disappearing because of deforestation, pollution, habitat destruction... And their biggest hope is an increase in co2 in the atmosphere.

Anyway... I don't expect all those ***** to figure this all out any time soon and dump their tesla ponzi bags.

Let's look at other charts sucker rallies again:
Not really a stock expert I'm mostly looking at famous short sellers or some stocks I know of.

Of course these are just a few anecdotal examples.
From the little I spent looking at stocks and backtesting them (which is more than probably 99% of stock traders) I would say double tops and bottoms are rare.

In Forex supply doesn't matter, and the idea of "oversold" and "overbought" makes no sense, we don't have volume info, indicators are stupid...
But with stocks all of this matters.
This must be the main reason why all these stock traders are saying "Forex is a scam" "It's impossible to make money in Forex" etc.
I may not be a stock trader but I understand they are differences, and I think I got a grasp of the basics.
Nov 04
Comment: Anyone seen the video of this genius on stream (he didn't post it on his own channel go figure but someone else posted it to yt) that shorted ath Apple on his little 3k Robinhood phone account?

When he gets decimated you can hear a funny little sound he makes, this is the sound of his soul being crushed.
He cries too, tries to hold it but can't.
And of course he sells trading courses too XD Go figure.
All the stereotypes.

I think it's important to know about stories like this.
I hope historical books and movies show us this kind of things.
All we used to have was stories about shoe shine boys. Now we have the video <3

This is the competition these days. Can't lose.
Nov 04
Comment: This guy was obnoxious and lost everything and then went with *25 leverage all in in options 25 times all in

Wallstreetbets is overrun with "GUH" posts everywhere.

Twitter got deleted.

Every one is laughing at him. Love this space.

Watch and learn.

We will see a ton of Bitcoin & Tesla bulls end up in the same situation, of course most will stay discret but we might get the chance to have a few ones that are persuaded they are right walk into the spotlight.

You think "manage your risk" is stupid then you keep seing these ridiculous stories.

Don't be one of the idiots.
Nov 08
Comment: Delusional moron & manipulative celebrity CEO Elon Musk is getting cocky again.
He is taunting bears. He wrote a letter to a billionaire short seller mocking him.
Sell signal.

By early next week we'll have info on the short interest.

Might be interesting to sell this pyramid scheme if it's not a crowded short, fingers crossed we ran out of cultists to buy, while long on indices.

What a clown really. His pyramid scheme company cannot collapse soon enough.
Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. We will fight them on the beaches... ~ Winston Churchill
How can anyone say you got hurt shorting BTC from $14K and it's now $8,700 - im new here but not to the markets . Please explain
@Find3, I had a short at 4k 1 year ago and got stopped on it, what really hurt me is heavy funding on bitmex so I was in the red even thought the price was slowly going down.
They can't let go of this, even thought I had 6 winners in a row since then, shorting at around 9000, buying at around 9000, selling at 13900 literally sold the very top, then buying at 10k tgt 12k, then shorting at 12k, then shorting at 10k just before bakkt release. I think I had 1 loser in this period I don't remember when that was.

Thye year before that I had many bets, wins, losses, I had alot of losses, which is normal, both selling and buying.

Really weird that these people choose the period where I keep a perfect record to tell me I got hurt.
They are living in an imaginary world maybe, in a bubble.
Or they are very angry.

When I show them facts they close their eyes and sing lalala. I think they are just very angry at anyone that isn't a mega bull on their dreams of an easy life and free money.
Find3 MrRenev
@MrRenev, Thank you for the reply - I saw below "I'm sorry for your bad luck" etc - why would anyone say that when they are obviously rooting against you? They must be either very angry or very insecure themselves. I'm new to tradingview not very well versed in the financial markets and ive never seen anything like this - what's wrong with some of these people? They really must be very insecure as I said if they have to root against a person either long or short.
@Find3, I know I already said this, if it was to you forgive my rambling, I don't remember when it was and who I was replying to:

Short sellers are universally hated. They often get blamed for everything (even thought that's ridiculous and they do good not harm, when they are right), Jesse Livermore which is a legend made 1.5 billion inflation adjusted shorting the US stock market in 1929, I think that's the most made in 1 bet ever, and people got angry and blamed him for the crash, which he found risible.

They can end up in jail or worse. Even politicians are ignorant and sometimes think short sellers are "eeeeeevil". The vast majority is really ignorant and just hates anyone that ever says the price of somethign will go down.

Lie to people, scam them, be wrong all the time, as long as you say "price goes up you will all end up rich" all will be forgotten and people will never stop loving you.
Tell people the harsh truth, no matter how often you are right, they will always hate you.

Even the regulators... Short sellers warn every one of scams like Enron, they point out facts, but they get ignored, laughed at when the price goes up, and raged at. Regulators don't care if a company is a scam as long as "price goes up". That's how they operate, as logn as the price goes up everything is fine. Just insane. Someone even warned every one of Madoff ponzi scheme, with facts, he proved it was mathematically impossible that it was not a ponzi. Still got ignored. He got ignored for years, really insane. And then we all know how that ended. Some gullible investors even ended up suiciding. Madoff son too I think. He could have saved money AND lives if people listened. But no ... "FEAR MONGERING" same old same old. The big short same old same old. How dare reasonable people get in the way of greedy gamblers dreams.

Here is an article on it:

Hong Kong bans a short seller for 5 years:

Short sellers receive death threats:
+1 Reply
@Find3, 1 pro tip: if you go to china do not short sell companies that have ties to the "people's" government (aka winnie the pooh). Or any company, to be safe.
Find3 MrRenev
@MrRenev, Thank you
how do you have any capital left? Shorting BTC and TSLA this gotta be kidding me dude. I'm sorry for your bad luck.
p.s. I'm also learning that here on these threads - long or short names - people that get no respect at home ( I can't see any other reason ) seem to post these very immature comments but for some reason you get the brunt of these. I'll keep watching.
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I'm reading the comments here knocking your call that has moved against you by all of 10% ( so what ) im new here and not long or short TSLA but my guess is these people are either VERY ignorant to the fact that if they really are long TSLA ( which is doubtful) they are betting against Jim Chanos who a billionaire and ADDING to his short on TSLA not covering his position Mr Chanos is the best short seller in the world today -it would be interesting if the comments on this page would show a redacted invoice showing how long TSLA they are or if they are simply harassing you ( which is what I suspect ) because no could be so stupid to bet against Chanos could they?
Reply just can't win, can ya?
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