Tesla (bag)holders on Robinhood are at all time high :)

I should make a video so you can hear me laugh. At Tesla baggies face. But it is late here.

Robinhood = free trading "app" for complete casuals. It attracts complete noobs that look for an easy way to speculate and do not care / understand about quality of service. It's really the noob magnet.

Reminds me of something...
Oh right. Every single bear market ever.
Whales dumping. Morons buying "cheap".

Enjoy these bags. This time it's different.

This wall street cheat sheet or whatever you want to call it, just a general guide... Can look very different in some cases:

But I think for the "big stuff" with alot of participants, the patterns will be very much like that.

K that is enough examples for today. Just keep an eye on Tesla , see how it goes, next Tesla will be similar. Continuous learning. And BitconnectCoin too.

This is what institutions do btw. From what I heard + would bet 99%. + Wall street cheat sheet is their "10 commandments".
Market cycles / Elliot waves, more or less the same thing.
Comment: Congratulation to Robinhood speculators that have bought the oversold dip.

Now down 25 to 50% on average. Probably buying more.

"Millennials are snapping up Tesla after its layoffs (TSLA)
Ethel Jiang
Jan. 24, 2019, 02:51 PM"

Yup. According to RobinTrack they are buying more.
My brain hurts.

Comment: Morgan Stanley’s auto analyst Adam Jonas, which got famous for making a *2/*3 call on Tesla in 2011 (when it was at 20-30$), is now making a bear case and sees Tesla go to $10.

He is once again being conservative. Tesla went way beyond 70$, and it will go way beyond 10$. 10 bucks a share seems low but it is still a 2 billion valuation I think. Tesla is not worth that much when you remove all the hype and hopes.

I regret not shorting Tesla when it was in the 350-400$ range.
But I don't regret it that much. I think I should start trading stocks.
Even if the indices went up Tesla likely would have remained below 400.

With CFD's and EU brokers my risk for shorting is not unlimited.

I have been looking at stocks for years and alot in the past year.
I understand them way better.
Just have to balance shorts and longs correctly.

Let's do this. Next time I see an opportunity. Not going to spend too much time looking for them thought.

Tesla investors are bleeding. TeslaMotorsportClub forum is full of bagholders.

Markets just opened and Tesla is hanging on at the lows.
I think the only thing that saved it from a new low is the S&P is up.
If it goes up Tesla will barely manage to recover or even slowly go down, if it goes down Tesla will crash tenfold. Like MoviePass.

Comment: A lesson.

On the weekly chart:

I do not use this moving average, or any indicator at all for commodities (except precious metals).
For stocks, and crypto, and precious metals when in a bull market I think it can be useful.

"In fact, the S&P 500 has crossed the 200-day moving average 150 times since 1997. If this were a perfect signal, that would imply 75 separate market corrections.

In reality, in that time, there were only 11 market corrections when stocks fell 10 percent or worse. That means the majority of the time when the S&P 500 went below the 200-day it was a head fake, when investors sold out of the market only to buy back higher."

I don't know how this works, or if it used to but does not anymore.

He might just use it as a filter "above 200 DMA look for fundamental reasons to buy, below fundamental reasons to sell".

Not really a stock expert but for my part I think only 3 things will interest me:

1- Companies trending for decades when the stock market globally is in a bear: buy & hold.
2- Companies that are not popular and go up and down but are always profitable and not going to zero (or maybe some day they will I just don't know it): buy support.
3- Shorting bubbles / frauds when they are in the distribution phase: Tesla at 350$-390 & SL at 420 or something like that. Or maybe companies with big changes even.

Examples of 1-
The US Stock market is in a bubble and nothing is interest right now
But companies that have stood the test of time and have good numbers,
I would buy cheap + at the same time if I estimate the stock market is not way up

Of course there could be better returns looking at smaller companies.
I got a Buffet indicator that compares indices to GDP, I also need an earning per share or earning/marketcap script.

Example of 2-

Some support & resistance strategies would work here.

Examples of 3-

I totally just watched a CNBC interview of Jim Chanos to find examples for 3-
Did you know he has a secret twitter account where he trolls Elon Musk & spreads FUD? Diogenes@WallStCynic.
What does a fund manager do with his day? Just trollpost all day long & spread FUD if they are short. Nolife job.

“Crazy companies are trading at really crazy valuations now, on top of their bad businesses. That’s kind of exciting. Tesla — I mean that’s some monster valuation for a company that might be bankrupt.”

“There’s a very clear link between great episodes of fraud and the financial cycle. When we’ve had great frauds, they’ve always been at the tail end of great financial cycles,”

“And valued at almost 20x 2018 launch revenues, SpaceX is just as crazily priced as any “unicorn” out there. $TSLA”

“Grubhub is charging restaurants hidden fees: lawsuit $GRUB”

“SpaceX files lawsuit against the federal government — but asks to keep the details under wraps | Always good to be suing your biggest client. $TSLA @SpaceX” (lol)

I will close this update with a reminder of headlines from a few months ago
Comment: PS: I forgot my favorite recent quote by Chanos

"How the F is this bitcoin nonsense being resurrected again? Are people really this stupid?"

Yes they are Jim, yes they are.
Comment: Price going back down again, after Musk vicious lies to pump the market yesterday.
Not sure I get the support retest I wanted.
I could go short on a break. Don't really have experience with that kind of entry thought...

Master manipulator & sociopath top 50 richest man in the world (well maybe not anymore wink wink) Elon Musk chilling in his Gulfstream G650, while, as we have learned today, his slave employees do not even have accept to toilet paper.

Ridiculous. This fraud is going straight to zero.
Or, since the "dumb money" group seems to be an endless pit of suckers, price might rally before going to zero.
I do not have experience with things like this I want the price to retest a support and get a good entry. Otherwise I'll just watch it crash.
"Willy bot was built to stabilize the market"
- Mark Karpelès, master troll.
Wise traders, call a trade dead before it backs up on them. Your died when the obvious bounce at 180 trampolined. Now it will bungee. Tell me you covered?
Nice call. I can't say I agree with much of what you write, but I do congratulate you on your short thus far.
Do you have a stop loss and if so, at what level would you cover? I can't imagine you'd want to be a bag holder if this thing blows up and Tesla turns out not to be a ponzi scheme
tradingzebras tradingzebras
@MrRenev Still piling on those shorts or is it time to cut the lines and walk away?
Great Jim Chanos quote - see our pre market update on our TSLA thread this morning.
TSLA DESTROYED - Great call and more to come.
We have this guy @MrMarketMaker on our TSLA short post we created today and he's being disruptive as he was on our other crypto short ideas but here's the kicker he comes to our thread this evening and and posts "this is the best symbol to get long TSLA" re Our short post meanwhile go to this guys profile he posted "GET LONG TSLA AT $232" but that wasn't enough he DOUBLES down and posts a while later "GET LONG TSLA AT $226" You can't make this stuff up and he's on our thread lecturing us on how bad our TSLA call is - what planet do these people come from? @dRends35
MrRenev london55555
@london55555, lmao I don't know where they come from but there seems to be a never ending supply of them. He's been hating on my Tesla posts for a while, apparently he never gets out of a bad trade just keeps buying more until he can break even.
Of course he is also long Bitcoin, obviously, he has been buying since 6500 last year and kept buying more and he is close to being at break even! Great job on his part.
@MrRenev, Oh that's right I forgot about the Bitcoin "break even" and yes there is an endless supply of these people it seems. It actually cracks me up - they make for good entertainment but exceptionally poor trading advice.
MrMarketMaker london55555
@london55555, you have terrible calls dude. You shorted apple before it ran up, and have been short SPY since december lows. look at your profile. Sure I have some bad plays, but I didn't short one of the biggest bull runs of all time. You are clearly an amateur, but we need retail traders like you and @MrRenev for liquidity. Thank you for it.
london55555 MrMarketMaker
@MrMarketMaker, @MrRenev See what I mean LOL
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