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It's been a while since I have been posting on a regular basis. I came down with COVID a couple weeks ago and thankfully that was the first time I have had it. Hopefully it was the last too. Elon has people worried as of late and with good reason. One thing that makes index's so attractive is you're not subjected to the whims of an eccentric billionaire. Tesla stock/options sure can generate some income though.

By my count Tesla has two options at the current moment. My primary count in white suggests we are about to head up or need only OML before heading to my target box for wave v of 1 of 3 of (3). Yes, it is a big box, but that is because we are in a very strong portion of the larger count. We can easily extend out to the 2.618...but it isn't required by any means. The minimum I want to see is for the 1.786 fib to be tagged @ $272.04. Don't forget wave v will be another micro-5-wave impulsive move into the target box.

The other possibility (turquoise/yellow) is for us to have just finished the second wave 1 and still working on the second wave 2. I'm not a fan of this count but it is technically possible, and we need to be prepared for anything. If we drop below the blue 0.5 fib retracement @ $227.72 than I will start to track the alt much more closely. We haven't hit standard fibs on the head necessarily, but we have been decently close. Close enough I think my primary is the most likely scenario. Lets see what happens tomorrow shall we?

Bonam Fortunam,
My view on Tesla has largely remain unchanged. I still think we either need another slight low (yellow box), or to move up to the next target box with the latter remaining my primary analysis. I expected us to move up today due to yesterday's MACD readings, but it failed to materialize. MACD does seem to have reset though so maybe we get the move up tomorrow. If we make a break for it one way or the other, I will update or even make a midday post. As for now though I will forgo the risk of sounding repetitive. Good luck y'all and God bless!
Tesla is still being its confusing self and is refusing to show what she has planned. Due to the volatility that is Elon Musk, I am still largely staying on the sidelines for now. I have a grand total of 20 shares somewhere in the ballpark of $234 and 1 call. I think we have possibly formed a mini 1-2, 1-2 but I can't be for sure, and I refuse to risk hard earned money on a guess. If this is this case, then tomorrow or Monday at the latest it should finally move up. If we don't move up by Monday of next week, I will start to get very concerned with Tesla's price action. In all honesty this could be the count breaking down due to Mr. Musk. I'm not ready to adopt that as my main pov though.

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