Be like Jake *educational material*

NYSE:TUP   Tupperware Brands Corporation

*This is not financial advice, so trade at your own risks*

*My team digs deep and finds stocks that are expected to perform well based off multiple confluences*

*Experienced traders understand the uphill battle in timing the market, so instead my team focuses mainly on risk management*

My team has decided to use a recent failed trade as an example of the importance of stop losses. Here @SimplyShowMeTheMoney you may have noticed that we place stop losses and stop profit losses on the majority of our trades. If we ever post a trade without a stop loss please understand that we're waiting for further information and that we have long-term confidence in the trade and are not worried about the short-term price action in-between.

To demonstrate the importance of stop losses we must first introduce you to a successful retail trader by the name of Jake. Our friend Jake has been trading for the past 5 years. Jakes trading strategy is simple: he finds a company that he likes, and he invests his money into it. Jake hits roughly 6 out of 10 of the trades that he places. Jakes 60 percent winning average may sound 'okay' at first but lets say Jake is consistent about managing his take profits and stop-losses. Jake may be losing 40 percent of his trades, but he is able to mitigate most of the risks due to his insane stop-loss precision.

But if you've been in the market long enough and have ever used stop-losses then you can probably recall a time where your trade broke through your stop-loss and then the worst thing possible shoots off to the moon without you while you watch in disbelief with your jaw dropped down to the floor.

Jake knows this feeling very well. So to lower this risk, Jake locates key price areas on the chart where the stock may be at its weakest and places his stop losses. Doing this helps prevents scenarios like the one above from occuring.

Jake cares about the roof over his head and keeping food in his belly. He cares about the amount of sleep he gets every night. Jake wants to be able to enjoy quality time with his girlfriend without feeling anxious about a trade that was supposed to buy her a ring, but is now worth as little as a ring-pop. That's why Jake uses stop-losses.

Be like Jake.

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