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There is an enormous and historic process underway that has defining implications for investors over the next decade and beyond, and Two Hands Corp (OTCQB:TWOH) has been paying attention. As we detail below, keep in mind the huge stores of investment potential being accumulated by younger millennials who have yet to mobilize in large numbers in the financial market landscape.

The process that we are talking about here is the adoption by mainstream consumers of the cannabis plant and all of its products.

Two Businesses In One

TWOH is essentially two businesses in one.

Not only is the company focusing on the lucrative CBD arena, but also the app arena. Both are multi-billion dollar sectors with tremendous growth potential in front of them.

Diversification is an integral part of any successful business, and TWOH has that covered and then some.

TWOH's Corporate Update Paints A Bright Picture For The Future

Last Tuesday, TWOH released their most recent corporate update, and let's just say the future's so bright you got to wear shades!

Highlights from the Update Include:

Making solid progress to growing their CBD business and listing on The Canadian Securities Exchange.
Anticipate their initial test harvests comprised of 10 different genetic strains and nearly 600 plants will be evaluated by the ICA in the coming weeks so they can continue construction of their Greenhouses as they continue to invest and advance their cannabis cultivation footprint up to the 10 hectares over the next twelve to eighteen months after the closing. As they continue to expand their business, they have initiated talks to acquire another licence within Central Africa
About Two Hands Corporation

Two Hands Group is a custom application development and medical technologies company that strives to create complete solutions. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality products that are innovative and meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Our Co-Parenting App is the ideal solution to reduce the stress and worries of families affected by divorce. Our Gone App allows you to send encrypted text messages right from your phone, combining military-grade security, confidentiality, and privacy – with the utmost convenience, right at your fingertips. Two Hands Corp Lab is an organic hemp based CBD cultivator located in Colombia. They are vertically integrated, producing from seed to wholesaler.


Two Hands Co-parenting App

Two Hands Co-parenting App is the product of years of searching for the ideal solution that will reduce the stress and worries of co-parenting. This application fulfills our mission and vision that focuses on organization and communication to improve family relationships despite a divorce.

Two Hands Gone

Two Hands Gone allows you to send encrypted text messages right from your phone, combining military-grade security, confidentiality, and privacy – with the utmost convenience, right at your fingertips.

Two Hands Corp Lab

Two Hands Corp Lab is an organic hemp based CBD cultivator located in Colombia. We are vertically integrated, producing from seed to wholesaler. We will create the highest quality CBD extract derivatives to exported and purchased.

TWOH's Two Hands app is a co-parenting app that could become one of the go to apps for parents all around!

After years of collaborating with fellow parents and co-parents, and through the help of their designers and programmers, “Two Hands” was conceived.

It has all the important features that any parent, co-parent or caregiver would ever need to deal with any kind of activity concerning children.

The app was designed to reduce the stress and worries of co-parenting.

Imagine having a tool that lets both father and mother have access to all of their children's information, and appointments in one place.

TWOH's “Two Hands” is accessed primarily through the web which makes it easier to connect to people and manage one or two households at the same time but the company has also made it possible for the application to be accessed from all kinds of devices and have made it easier to understand even for someone who is not that tech savvy.

The application will allow parents to track and assign activities that their child is apart of, as well as offer a shared custody calander, to avoid any confusion on what is going on what date. You can store files as well and easily share them. This includes photos, and medical records, as well as travel documents and passwords.

TWOH also recently launched its newest application "Two Hands Gone."

For some people, privacy and confidentiality with text messaging is a priority. There are just some messages that are not meant for wandering eyes and the company's app offers a service that allows messages to be read and then disappear completely. Screenshots of conversations are restricted, and messages expire 45 seconds after being read.

Capitalizing On The CBD Boom With TWOH

The most important part of this opportunity is the overall forward outlook for the CBD market, which is unambiguously experiencing a boom with the lion’s share of the upside still on the way.

According to new data and research released by the Brightfield Group, sales of products containing CBD are expected top $5 billion this year alone. That’s an incredible 700% year/year increase.

The passage of the US Farm Bill in December is a big catalyst in this story. The bill contained language extremely favorable to the legal hemp industry and to those ready to invest in the CBD boom. Since that time, we’ve seen CBD products hit the shelves of drug stores and grocers, and pop up on fast food menus.

Product differentiation is also a big part of the story. CBD is now a multi-billion growth industry with ties into the pet care, sports drinks, cosmetics, and medical industries, to name but a few. It is also now FDA approved as a treatment for rare seizure disorders.

There are major catalysts ahead that may help to infuse even faster growth into the picture. For example, the FDA held a public hearing in late May of this year on CBD and its potential benefits, and we are now in public comment phase that will wrap up in mid-July. The result could be an even bigger boost pushing more mainstream consumer adoption of CBD-based products.

Brightfield’s analysis puts the 2023 level in line with Statista’s, at around $23-24B in total sales, with most of those sales likely to come from big chain retailers. In other words, the CBD boom is about to move out of the backwaters of niche e-commerce websites and into mainstream daily life.

The first wave of this adoption process clearly centers around hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD), which is already legal in all 50 US states and has already found its way into many different consumer product categories, including skin creams, beverages, supplements, and vapes.

While we have seen enormous growth in the CBD space, Wall Street analysts believe we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. In fact, a recent Statista research report now projects the total CBD market will hit $23 billion total by 2023, representing a 20-fold increase over the next 4 years.

To add further fuel to the fire, the US Federal Government is starting to become a tailwind – as a case in point, Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), and Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) submitted the new Senate bill, “The Cannabidiol and Marijuana Research Expansion Act”, at the end of June. This suggests the trend toward increasing legislative acceptance continues and is likely accelerating with key long-term implications.

Perhaps the most interesting way to capitalize on this opportunity is to find new emerging vertically integrated CBD producers positioned to deliver outsized margins on a per-weight production basis, which is why we now turn our attention to one such opportunity in particular: Two Hands Corp (OTCQB:TWOH).

TWOH's Colombian Connection

In late June, TWOH agreed to purchase 100% of the licence to grow, export, hold cannabis and CBD derivatives in Colombia from Plantro Inc S.A.S. Once the genetics have been approved and the remainder of the conditions placed on Plantro S.A.S. are satisfied we expect to close the transaction and utilize the licence to its full potential.

CEO of Two Hands, Nadav Elituv commented, “As part of our agreement the Plantro S.A.S. team has been assisting with the initial construction of our Greenhouses on the first hectare located in the center of Bogota Savannah in Madrid, Colombia. The greenhouses now house the initial test harvests of nearly 600 plants comprised of 10 different genetic strains to be evaluated by the ICA.

They will continue to invest and advance our cannabis cultivation footprint up to the 10 hectares over the next twelve to eighteen months after the transaction closes. The first seed sowing took place the end of April 2019, and currently our first plants have started to grow. You can have a look at”

Colombia is an ideal location for a major CBD production base. It offers optimal growing conditions, low labor costs, and a very stable pro-cannabis government.

Two Hands has completed construction on two state-of-the-art greenhouses, each of which is expected to go into full operation upon final approval, cost about $35,000 USD to construct, and hit a full financial breakeven point – in terms of all-in costs – after a single harvest.

Could TWOH Be Setting Up For It's Next Triple-Digit Move?

TWOH has been a very exciting ticker to watch to say the least.

Last week TWOH saw its share price more than double from $0.0405 to $0.10.

TWOH has now once again retraced back to historic support, and may offer substantial upside at these levels.

Based on our very own chart analysis above, we see the potential for another move back to $0.10, which at these levels would show a ROI of over +100%!

The Bottom-Line

TWOH has already shown us its ability to double in price in a very short amount of time.

TWOH is once again trading in that sweet spot, and we believe that now could be the perfect time to start building a position.

(*Remember to use a Stop-Loss Order or basic Limit Order to protect your gains, as well as limit possible losses.)

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