Best investment advice: I tell you before, not after.

NASDAQ:TXMD   TherapeuticsMD, Inc
If you think mid term (swing trades) or if you are looking for a long term investment, in both cases this is still and again a good choice.
Just look at this weekly chart, this is about 10 years in front of us. Right now TXMD is way undervalued! Very cheap, on sale, seriously. Analysts target consensus is about $7 if you look it up, you'll see, at lest $4 (for the pessimistic). I think right now this stock is worth about $4 (just like LXRX ), not in a year, but NOW, and my 2 year outlook is still around $7 as I said last time. It could spike higher, could stay higher, but I tend to be conservative.

Good company, good products, always needed (no matter the economic situation, market conditions or inflation rates).
However you look at it, this is a stable investment, so I consider it highly recommended. STRONG BUY, boys and girls , this is a strong buy indeed. Do your own research and you'll see the ratio of insiders holding the stock (and the spread between them) just perfect and institutions also holding quite some ( BlackRock and alike).
This is still an unknown stock to the public I suppose, but we could change that too. I mean apes, retards, here comes something that you hear about beforehand, and not when it's too late! No manipulation here, it's just a good company and very undervalued. I really like the stock.
To da moon! :D

Other thoughts/ideas:
Only about 4% of the SPY is undervalued now, about 50% overvalued and the rest may be neutral, not to mention the Buffett indicator. We are at all time highs. So not that easy to invest these days if you wanna sleep good.

Lemonade ( LMND ) with a stable, disruptive, working business model has a very good chance to thrive soon and in the long run but it's a long term investment and I do not recommend to speculate and sell any time but but just hold and buy more when it goes down, it's a very good growth stock that just started so we really are at the beginning of it. In 5-10 years you'll get rich, highly likely. Think like the next Tesla .

HEXO is also the future! They open new markets gradually and always target the top in quality at a low competitive price (already winner), so no other chance than to succeed for them. Also, HEXO is vertically integrated, that is a good sign in my opinion in terms of profitability and sustainability business wise. I mean this is a stable, independent business model. Look it up, you'll like it. I see it as the next Coca-Cola.

And the boring, official text (if you have no clue what TXMD is):
TherapeuticsMD , Inc. is a women's healthcare company engaged in creating and commercializing products for women. The Company is focused on pursuing regulatory approvals and pre-commercialization activities necessary for commercialization of its hormone therapy pharmaceutical products. Its drug candidates used in clinical trials are designed to alleviate symptoms of and reduce health risks resulting from menopause-related hormone deficiencies, including hot flashes, osteoporosis and vaginal discomfort. With its SYMBODA technology, it is developing hormone therapy pharmaceutical products to enable delivery of bio-identical hormones through dosage forms and administration routes. Its product line includes vitaTrue, vitaPearl, vitaMedMD Plus, vitaMedMD One Prenatal Multivitamin, vitaMedMD Plus Rx Prenatal Multivitamin, vitaMedMD One Rx Prenatal Multivitamin, vitaMedMD Iron 21/7, vitaMedMD Vitamin D3 50,000 IU, BocaGreenMD Prena1 Pearl and BocaGreenMD Prena1 Chew.


Hi. What are your thoughts on MTNB?
janfoux qnpprj6bnz
@qnpprj6bnz, @qnpprj6bnz, hey there, MTNB technicals: buy @ $0.7; $0.6; $0,5 and $0.4 could be the ultimate bottom. So If I had to buy I would start to get in around $0,7 as it can bounce any time (there is a bullish divergence on the daily if you look at the recent higher low on RSI at the same price level). Though don't take it too seriously. So if it goes lower you increase your pos accordingly if it doesn't then that's it. Profit taking will be at $1.2; $1.4 and $2 in my opinion, though consensus TP is just above $2 I suppose. I don't know any fundamentals about this company, so do your research and let me know! My LXRX and TXMD ideas in this sector seem better (more potential profit, less risk). This is not financial advice, though I'm confident about surviving a potentially upcoming SPY correction/crash or a long and painful sideways move, and I'll have a lot of profit looking out to the following few years. Sooner or later stock prices should correct back towards a more realistic level relative to where they were before this SPY (tech) bubble that we are in now. And that is when I believe fundamentals will matter more than during this recent Covid rally.
@janfoux, thank you for your input. Still learning more about this company. I know they have a couple studies going on including oral vaccines which include COVID.