Weekly Watchlist: June 12th-18th, 2021

NYSE:UHS   Universal Health Services, Inc
This week we are going to focus on the following tickers for a breakout or a bull-run continuation.

ANAT: Bull wedge breakout. 4 consecutive green days with decent volume . Red days had higher volume , which is concerning. Wait for a successful domination of recent high with high volume to enter.

APO: Rising triangle continuation of a bullish run. Demand > supply. Enter after crossing the upper boundary with high volume .

PM: Rising wedge bullish continuation. Friday's volume is decisive. Enter after crossing the upper boundary.

KL: Symmetrical triangle broke out but fell back in. Next green candle with high volume is a buy signal. Gold is likely to go up.

AMAT: Consolidation and overall bullish trend . Price touching the 50 MA and likely to bounce back. Supply is drying up. Buy zone above the upper boundary.

UHS: Bull wedge . Buy zone above after breaking 162 resistance.

NUE: Rising wedge bullish continuation. Supply is drying up. Buy zone either on the break out of the flag or next green candle with relatively large volume .

ZM: Broke through a resistance with decisive volume on Friday. A lot of eye balls on this. Might see some pullback on Monday but if 160 is a good entry point.
Comment: ZM and PM are looking good. UHS and NUE may be breaking down. Wait on the rest.
Comment: I would wait for the fed meeting before taking any actions. Stay in cash. Overall, APO, ZM and PM look good. NUE and UHS may be a short play. ANAT had good volume yesterday, but still need to break out.
Comment: Update from the fed's meeting, market might go extremely bullish for a while. I'd wait for the yield to drop below 1.5
Comment: Most of these setups are part of value stocks. These are not hot anymore except for ZM.
Trade active: ANAT, APO, PM and ZM

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