(Weekly) Bearish Bat @88 // Target Fibs

FX:UK100   FTSE 100 Index

Hello pips lovers!

I am "projecting" it as a correction from the previous structure breakout...

The ABCD pattern formation at Bat completion point is also printed, so we can support this trade idea on both patterns, the Bat and the ABCD .

The Bat pattern is valid on each the points, from Point B as an X to A retracement between the 50% <> 61.8 (closing below the 618), Point C with a close between the 38% <> 50% of A to B and Point B at the 88% of X to A.

The 38% as first target and at previous structure (point B) and the 618% as 2nd target as a deeper correction.

At first target (the 38%), close half position size and stops adjusted to break-even (or a trailing stop also an option);

NOTE: do not ignore the "first" fib level at 23.6%.

Safe Trades;
Run Run Run - ;)