Uni-pixel (UNXL) rally on touch-screen bull market

Uni-Pixel is a High Tech Company. They are a manufacturer of touch-sensitive screens with new, better, cheaper, efficient technology to be used in mobile phones and tablets.

Short-interest is HIGH. UNXL shares have been sold first by the bears, but need to be repurchased at some point. I don't know who has the other side of the Short's trade, but it looks like it is going the wrong way.

Revenues: Very little to show yet, but patents and orders for machinery imply they are in "lift-off" stage. WIth a tiny revenue base and a $220 million market cap, there is very little room for error. But earnings were just announced last week, so the story shouldn't change for at least a month or more. $13 million in cash on hand will help them for a little while.

Seeking Alpha has a few articles on them that are always worth reading.

Caution: Shorts can break this stock at a moments notice in order to buy back in their shares sold short. This means "BUY ON BREAKS!"

I'm targeting $26-$32 by May and willing to buy down to $16. I don't want to see a full day of trading below the 63-day (1 quarter) volume-weighted moving average price.

Tim 10:05AM EST March 4, 2013
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UNXL reached over $33 today - time to take the additional shares off here and get down to a small position. If I miss the shot to the moon over the long haul when this goes up ten-fold to a $3 billion market cap, then at least I will have a small position for the ride. You can see the power of a short-squeeze on the price of UNXL. I'd like to see what the margin departments are doing each day and find out how much more stock needs to be repurchased to cover equity deficiencies in customer accounts. This is the hard part of investing - "not knowing". I feel bad for the shorts, I truly do. I wish everyone was long and making money. Time to cut down, just based on my gut and a doubling of the stock price in the last month. Be prepared for $5 drops to re-enter. It's a good year so far - let's not get greedy. 11:34AM 3/21/2013

is it even possible to pick it up at $20, to get that GAP filled
timwest Dmtz4444
I saw your comment, but didn't reply. I hope that waiting for a gap to fill didn't keep you from entering.
Today's low near $26 was close to a $4 drop off of yesterday's high near $30. I will be buying into weakness on the opening tomorrow, Thursday. I also may buy between now and the close today with the proceeds of stock sales at higher levels.
You saw that as well
The rally is so strong that the shorts must be trapped. The same advice still applies. Be ready with cash to buy on dips and selling some on strength, like we are seeing today, makes sense. This is a BARN-BURNER winner so far.
UNXL made it to the bottom of the target zone already.
timwest QuantitativeExhaustion
I think it will keep grinding higher. The level of short interest is Extreme, so what I think would make sense for very adept traders is to book some profits here and look for a gap down on Monday where the shorts will try to make the stock shake-off some weaker-handed investors. I think it will be a great buy on breaks of $2 off of any high and I keep open the idea that it could break as much as $5 off of any trading high. I do want to be a buyer on breaks and that means that I need to raise cash on rallies. So, net-net, sell some and build some cash to buy on a dip.
That makes sense. Will look for gap down Monday/ follow through with short squeeze.