US 10 year Bond Boxes

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TVC:US10   US Government Bonds 10 YR
All horizontal rectangles edges are Levels I will be watching for potential support and resistance action. Wouldn't say I am overly confident in the potential colored path of the boxes (red, cyan, yellow, pink and blue), but will provide step by step updates if anything significant pops up in a discretionary perspective.

The project should or might become more relevant with it's levels and zones, in time, if we get to see specific price action at the levels to indicate at least a slight sign of relevance.

First one to look out for is potential support at the red zone. Next to watch out for is a bullish toned cyan box perspective. If these fail, all bets are not off, we just let the price action dictate how the market feels inside the boxes and what it does when it escapes one.

Thinking outside of the box there might be another potential aspect for this project. What if the information is encrypted so that we don't get to see in advance what can really actually happen? How can we crack the code and why? Take a deep breath. Get A Touch of Zen. Look at the design without having thoughts about it and see what pops up and why and how. I like the O icon and the nen text location. Could be wrong though.

This one is similar to the EURUSD project. Linked.
First sign of a potential rebound at the red zone but I am not fully convinced of the power of the support here. This level might take a retest or even a break.
These paths are probably not accurate but top edge of the red rectangle was a good level. Bullish sentiment and mood holds for now.
High chance of encountering resistance at the lower edge of the 1 zone before we can consider a push for higher high. X zone penetration most likely unavoidable.
View on 4h chart showing resistance met at the edges of the boxes. This level might not hold for long...
Big rebound from the edge keeping the market in the X box. Have to wait for bullish signs to reevaluate any potential pathways for the price.

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