Extensive Analysis of the US Government Bonds 10YR Yield Chart (

TVC:US10Y   US Government Bonds 10 YR Yield

The chart for US Government Bonds 10YR Yield on the 4-hour timeframe shows significant movement with the price rebounding from a recent low. The indicators used include Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Commodity Channel Index (CCI), MACD, and Support and Resistance levels.

Key Observations

1. Moving Averages (200 MA and 50 MA):
• 200 MA (Green Line): The price is currently below the 200 MA, indicating a bearish long-term trend.
• 50 MA (Blue Line): The price is also below the 50 MA, reinforcing the short-term bearish sentiment.
2. Bollinger Bands:
• The price is at the middle Bollinger Band, indicating that the market may be at an equilibrium point. The previous move was from the lower band, suggesting the market might be moving back towards the upper band.
3. Commodity Channel Index (CCI):
• The CCI is likely around 0 or slightly positive, indicating neutral to mildly overbought conditions. This suggests a potential for a continuation of the current trend or a mild pullback.
4. MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence):
• The MACD line is above the signal line, and the histogram is showing increasing positive values, indicating bullish momentum.
5. Support and Resistance Levels:
• Resistance Zones: Strong resistance is seen around 4.550% and the strong high zone above.
• Support Zones: The recent low at 4.250% is marked as a weak low, with further support below.

Comprehensive Technical Analysis

1. Current Trend:
• The long-term trend is bearish, as confirmed by the price being below the 200 MA. However, there is a short-term bullish sentiment as indicated by the price moving upwards and crossing the 50 MA.
2. Equilibrium Conditions:
• The price is near the middle Bollinger Band, indicating a balance point. A move above this band could suggest a continuation towards the upper band, while a rejection could mean a return to the lower band.
3. Volume:
• Increased volume during the recent upward move indicates strong buying interest, which may continue to push the price upwards.
4. Key Support and Resistance Levels:
• Resistance: Significant resistance levels start from 4.550% to 4.700%.
• Support: The recent low at 4.250% and significant support around this level.
5. Momentum Analysis:
• The MACD indicates bullish momentum, suggesting the possibility of further upward movement in the short term.

Best Trade Opportunity

Given the current market conditions, the best trade opportunity appears to be a short-term buy trade to take advantage of the recent bullish momentum and potential for continuation towards higher resistance levels.

Trade Setup:

• Buy Level: Around 4.435% (current level near the middle Bollinger Band)
• Stop Loss: Below 4.300% (to account for potential pullbacks)
• Take Profit:
• First target: 4.550% (near the first resistance level)
• Second target: 4.650% (middle resistance level)
• Extended target: 4.700% (upper resistance level)

Trade Rationale:

• Bullish Indicators: The MACD and the recent upward movement suggest bullish momentum.
• Volume Consideration: Increased volume during the recent move up indicates strong buying interest, supporting further upward movement.
• Risk-Reward Ratio: Entering a buy position near 4.435% offers a favorable risk-reward ratio, especially with a stop loss below the recent low.


• Buy Opportunity: Enter at 4.435% with a stop loss below 4.300%.
• Targets: 4.550% (first target), 4.650% (second target), and 4.700% (extended target).
• Rationale: The market is currently showing bullish momentum, and the potential for continuation towards higher resistance levels is high given the MACD and volume indicators.


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