US30 ENTRIES+EXIT Another potential triple digit pip opportunity

CURRENCYCOM:US30   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
US30 chart from Sunday has already hit tp1 (sell) for more than +100 pips and then another opportunity to enter for a buy at support for another +400 pip opportunity. As you can see my previous chart from US30, my support and resistance zones are very accurate as do with my other charts. I recommend as for starters to start off with a demo so that you get familiar with my strategy.

Simple Price Action strategy that covers both buys and sells so you can never miss an opportunity. Remember small losses for those big gains. US30 hit for more than 200 pips from last week's chart.

Look on my 'about me' or my bio for more information if you want to know how this works.

Message me if you want to know how to utilize my strategy. This can be used on any timeframe that you prefer.

When resistance breaks (red) enter for a buy

When support breaks (green) enter for a sell.

Bonus: Sell right before resistance breaks with a clear mfi indication (15-20 pip loss if it goes south)
Buy right before support breaks with a clear mfi indication (15-20 pip loss if it goes south