US30 (downtrend) UPDATE

FX:US30   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Here we can see clearly in the Daily chart that the drop, dip or downtrend in US30 indicies is happening accordingly to my analysis (please check my US30 divergence) post,
Here we can see, still clear Divergence on the RSI indicator & I still expect it to drop more to my level of TP’s which I put on the chart + the level it going to touch on the RSI Indicator before it pulls back up to its normal uptrend movement because as we know with American indicies it’s always goes RIGHT, baring in mind overall we talking about whole of United States of America Economy here, the back bone of American Business (bit of fundamental news).
Keep a close eye on American US30 businesses and where it’s heading!
Happy pip hunting traders.


Nice update thanks! Will keep on watch for more pip hunting 🔥
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@Mini_Scalps thanks for your support mate…
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