DOW JONES Prediction: Ring the bell, we're calling the TOP!

CURRENCYCOM:US30   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
On the 3rd of August we sent the following chart to our members:

We don't want to brag, but DAMN, this is too good to be true! We never thought we can predict how the price will move EXACTLY in the future, but It seems like we just did😱

Look at the prediction (light blue) line we drew on the chart on August 3... The price and candles are following our prediction to the ABSOLUTE PERFECTION🤯

If our analysis and prediction holds, then we might also call it now: we are extremely close or we are actually at the TOP of the MARKETS.

So expect downhill movement to start anytime next week(s). ⏳
Comment: Tick. Tock. Watch out people, don't get caught by surprise...⏳


Nice analysis, I’m in a short trade right now
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