USDC De-peg could Crash DAI, USDD, & Frax

I want to share my thoughts on the current situation with stablecoins, specifically USDC, DAI, and FRAX. It is my belief that if USDC were to collapse, DAI and FRAX would follow suit, causing a significant crash in the entire crypto market.

Recent developments support this concern. Binance has paused the automatic conversion of USDC to BUSD due to high inflows and the increasing burden of conversion support. Additionally, Circle has burned over $1.6 billion USDC in cash over the past few hours, resulting in a decrease in the total supply of USDC from 43.55 billion to 42.3 billion, down $1.2 billion in just a few hours. Up to 25% of all USDC is uninsured in the SiVB (Silicon Valley Bank) collapse, only $250,000 is guaranteed recoverable. FDIC assumed receivership of the banks $197 BN remaining assets. 50% of all start ups in the US are said to have some exposure to SiVB, either directly or indirectly. Circle group is facing potential bankruptcy if the run on USDC is not staved off....

Furthermore, only Tether is currently above a dollar, with only five of the 13 stablecoins trading at 99 cents USD. Even FRAX, which is backed by USDC, is currently trading at 0.92 USD.

The general concern for all stablecoins may prompt investors to move their funds into BTC/ETH, causing a significant shift in the market.

As always, it is important to stay informed and monitor the situation closely. Stay safe and make informed decisions.

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