US Dollar Still Bullish

FX:USDJPY   U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
📊 Weekly Chart: Bearish bat pattern suggests shorting at 149.33.
📈 Daily Chart: Bullish movement, no shorting opportunity.
📉 Four Hour Chart: ABCD pattern at 147.76, potential shorting level.
🕐 One Hour Chart: Bullish bat pattern with running profits.

🌟 Weekly Chart Insight:
- Bearish bat pattern for potential shorting.
- Waiting for confirmation at higher levels.

📊 Daily Chart:
- Bearish crab pattern at 150.41.
- Focus on 144.79 for buying opportunity.

💡 Trading Opportunities:
- Potential short at 149.33.
- Buy on retest of 144.79.

📉 Four Hour Chart:
- Shorting opportunity at 147.76.
- Consider retest at 144.62 for shorting.

🦇 One Hour Chart:
- Running profits from bullish bat pattern.
- Wait for the violation of 146.29 for resistance confirmation.

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