USDJPY Holding my current LONG Position

CAPITALCOMSB:USDJPY   U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
Holding my Long position. I know at the time of posting this SELL pressure is coming in. Kinda the reason why I wanted to post this.

Holding my LONG Position with no set target. I'm trying to catch the meat of the move and if we start rolling higher of course I want to keep on the actual move.

When will I exit? When the market tells me. :) haha Basically when my strategy tells me too. I'm looking for an "Opposite Trading Signal" to close the position. When it appears I'm no longer trading LONG and I've become a seller until either I hit Target 1 and close the position or I can take of half and leave a "Runner" on to capture a larger move.

Trading Signals - appear at the same time every time 22:00 - 23:00
Until that specific time, I'll be sitting on my hands. Waiting for my action. If no trading signal appears at the end of the session and price keeps its directional bias. I'll simply leave it for another 24 hours awaiting the next signal telling me what I should be doing.

This is all my opinion along with just following my strategy and my rules as closely as I possibly can.