Kenji signals: buy USDJPY

FX:USDJPY   U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
Today, the indicator "Kenji" on the daily USDJPY chart generated a buy signal.

Let's give some explanations on this signal.

This is the ordinary signal to open the trade with a basic volume .

According to the indicator, the price of USDJPY is currently in the active downtrend phase (the area between the fast and slow averages is colored red). At the same time, current prices entered the sell zone, which led to the formation of a "sell" signal.

This position remains relevant until either the market conditions change (for example, the downtrend changes to flat or uptrend), or a signal to close it appears (a red cross indicating a sharp divergence between the price and average values).

Recall, work in a trend is one of the most comfortable and potentially successful trading options.

For reference:

The "Kenji" indicator is a brand new look at the average analysis. The main problem of most trading strategies and indicators based on the average analysis is a number of false signals in the case of flat and trend reverse (for example, frequent crossings of the averages, numerous changes in the direction of the averages, etc.). As a result, averages analysis cannot show its real power and effectiveness.

The Kenji indicator using a unique algorithm avoids the most common average analysis traps and significantly improves the quality of signals by determining the current state of the market (using the color indication "Kenji" shows the current state of the market: red color - downtrend, blue - uptrend, green - flat).

It generates signals for comfortable trading in a local trend. The indicator provides information on both the timing position opening and the moments of profit taking. It also helps to determine the level of aggressiveness of a signal. This makes the "Kenji" indicator a handy tool both for novice and experienced traders.

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