Why You Should Never Focus On The Outcome?

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Hi Traders, here come another workshop regarding "Why you should never focus on the outcome." Along my own life journey, I've been through there and I've had encountered many people who are constantly comparing themselves to another or envying another.

The way I see life is that everything has a fair return. The achievements in your later stage of life is the by-product of your earlier sacrifices. If you're unwilling to pay the suffers now, most likely you will live your life like the 90% of the ordinary. Everyone has a different progress and settle at a different pace. By focusing on the outcome, not only you're dragging yourself down, you're also directly stagnating your personal growth process. Things you should never do if you're currently in a transition into a better self

1. Never compare yourself to another
- By comparing yourself, you're focusing on the dollars return (monetary return). Then, by doing so, you'd tend to forget your initial motivation - why did you started?

2. Never forget why you started
- Why? In life, we all started something with an initial sparks and burning passion. But somehow the majority turns into the majority because they've forgotten their goals and motivation. Or they simply give up so easily that they're not taking their dream seriously.

3. Loss track of progress
- By comparing to someone elses' life, you're not focusing on what your own dreams are. If someone else if making more money than you, remind yourself three main points
A. They've got a different dream and goal
B. Whatever amount they're making, it's their own progress, mind your own business!
C. Everything settle at its own pace. Someone's making big money at their early age but go broke later one. Some busy planting seeds in the beginning but enjoy the fruition later.

Comment down below what's your biggest aspiration.

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