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Trading Plan

Having a trading plan and sticking to it is an indispensable requisite before risking any money in the markets. In short, a plan describes what to do, why, when, and how to do it. Not having a plan is one of the top reasons traders fail. A good trading plan should describe your overall goals, what markets and timeframes to trade, how to keep records to review your performance and how to apply risk management. Other parts of a good trading plan are how to find trade candidates, how to manage trades, what techniques or methods to employ and what rules to use for entry and exit. You should also consider what pre and post market activities to perform, what checklists to use, how to educate yourself and how to act in case of a calamity.

A plan defines your trading activities in detail, helps you control your emotions and keeps you focussed on executing your strategy with rock solid discipline to avoid trading errors. There is no fixed blueprint for the optimal plan, it can be as simple or as complex as you want and tailored to your needs and trading personality. Plan your trade and trade your plan!
YaseenG.Housari YaseenG.Housari USDJPY, 240, Education
USDJPY: "Trade Like A Casino" (Trading Psychology)
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USDJPY, 240 Education
"Trade Like A Casino" (Trading Psychology)

What is the best way to make money on gambling? Own a casino. - Casinos operate as a business. - Casino have table limits to manege and their customers are likely to risk it all. - Casinos have a mathematical edge, and gamblers are at a disadvantage. - Casino has no ego or emotion, but gamblers do. Now what give us a trading Edge: .Trends .Support and ...

DLavrov DLavrov TOP BTCUSDT, D, Education
BTCUSDT: How to Make Money in Crypto Markets
3006 27 71
BTCUSDT, D Education
How to Make Money in Crypto Markets

If you read this post, it means that probably you are interesting in making money in the crypto markets. You want to trade cryptocurriences and multiply your investments. But do you really think that it's easy? The cryptomarkets open for everyone great opportunities, but you must have some skill for conversion these opportunities into real money. If you think that ...

AAlFadhala AAlFadhala PRO EURUSD, D, Education
EURUSD: The Top 10 Rules of Trading!
6560 8 52
EURUSD, D Education
The Top 10 Rules of Trading!

Hi traders! Hope everyone had a profitable week. Here are some trading rules that helped become a better trader. Feel free to share any additional tips that you found helpful during your trading career... Happy weekend :)! - Abdulla

LewisGlasgow LewisGlasgow PRO GBPJPY, 60, Education
GBPJPY: Tips for Growing a Small Trading Account
4349 69 237
GBPJPY, 60 Education
Tips for Growing a Small Trading Account

Tips for Growing a Small Trading Account Hello traders, I'm back with another educational post after receiving a lot of positive feedback. Today I'm going to provide you with five tips for growing a small trading account! 1. Define your why As you all know 90% of traders fail, it's a well-known fact and it's the main reason why I provide so much free content... ...

paul_lerit paul_lerit AUDUSD, 60, Education
AUDUSD: Supply and Demand
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AUDUSD, 60 Education
Supply and Demand

I first heard about Supply and Demand trading from @Tradewonk, his analysis using this are great! I also ask him about it and he gave me a link to his Ideas about it https://www.tradingview.com/chart/EURUSD/40GMFVXi-INTRODUCTION-TO-SUPPLY-AND-DEMAND/ https://www.tradingview.com/chart/GBPUSD/jYdtSTGw-INTRODUCTION-TO-SUPPLY-AND-DEMAND-PART-2/ I also tried searching ...

stephenleachman stephenleachman ZMWCHF, 240, Education
4104 28 124
ZMWCHF, 240 Education

This is a condensed version of my trading plan. I follow this plan faithfully every day, It is the foundation to my trading. I mentioned in my approach segment of this trading plan that I build my strategies based on the tactics within my playbook. All the tactics I use to build strategies I have listed here on tradingview and they are as followed: Chart ...

Aleksandar_Rose Aleksandar_Rose EURUSD, D, Education
577 5 26
EURUSD, D Education

Many of you have been asking me, what is my trading routine, so I decided to make an educational post :) Here is a break down of my trading routing: Pre-Trading Period 6:30 am weak up Quick GYM session Having a healthy BREAKFAST Once breakfast is over, I go for 15 minutes of MEDITATION After the meditation is over, and my mind and body is relaxed, I go for a ...

Roel_van_Geenen Roel_van_Geenen EURAUD, 60, Education
EURAUD: The way i trade!
184 2 6
EURAUD, 60 Education
The way i trade!

Here are 11 trade setups that i would take with my strategy, its a lot of information but i made sure the important levels and patterns are still visible. Please read through in the correct order to get a full understanding. Will do more charts like these if they are wanted. Questions? feel free to pm me! Thanks for the support, have a nice day!

YaseenG.Housari YaseenG.Housari EURUSD, 60, Education
EURUSD: "Kinds of Bets or Trades" (Risk management)
1153 9 62
EURUSD, 60 Education
"Kinds of Bets or Trades" (Risk management)

"There are really four kinds of trades or bets: good bets, bad bets, winning bets and losing bets. Most people think that a losing trade was a bad bet. That's absolutely wrong. You can lose money even on a good bet. If the odds on a bet 50/50 and the pay off is 2$ vresus a 1$ risk, that's a good bet even if you lose. The important point that if you do enough of ...

michaframp_ michaframp_ BTCUSD, 240, Education
BTCUSD: My journey and advise for us all
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BTCUSD, 240 Education
My journey and advise for us all

You can agree or disagree, but understand that we are all different. And our differences ought to be respected.

Tradewonk Tradewonk TOP USDCAD, D, Education
USDCAD: Psychology Of A Market Rally
2190 18 102
USDCAD, D Education
Psychology Of A Market Rally

Like many other worthy endeavors, overcoming greed requires a lot of effort and discipline. It isn’t easy, but it can be done. It’s all a matter of taming your ego. You will have to admit and accept that you won’t make the right call every time. There will be instances when you won’t catch the market’s full move, or times when you will miss a nice setup ...

senejani.ali senejani.ali PRO CADCHF, 240, Education
204 0 11
CADCHF, 240 Education

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share little bit of my knowledge and learning in the forex market with you all so you can benefit from it too. I started learning trading 3 year ago. Fundamentals and News trading were what I started with. As a news trader you need to watch the market news on fundamentals (such as central bank decision makings on bank interest rates) ...

Technician Technician TOP EURUSD, D, Education
EURUSD: Trading? Here are 10 Things You Should Consider
13064 236 322
EURUSD, D Education
Trading? Here are 10 Things You Should Consider

1. Trading is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a normal investment that gets traders return on capital. Have you ever met a trader making double-digit percent return per month on a consistent manner? Trading professionally with proper money management would likely get you a return of few percents a month. From my personal experience a 3-5 percent return on ...

michaframp_ michaframp_ BTCUSD, 240, Education
BTCUSD: What the ocean and the future made me understand
131 0 5
BTCUSD, 240 Education
What the ocean and the future made me understand

It will get better along the way

Technician Technician TOP EURUSD, D, Education
EURUSD: Trading? 10 things you might need to consider!
6311 97 294
EURUSD, D Education
Trading? 10 things you might need to consider!

I strongly recommend everyone to read the new blog post from tradingview, as it advises users to be carefull from service sellers here at the website. Please read the 5 points caefully here : http://blog.tradingview.com/?p=2400 This is not the first time i publish this post. But some new followers may haven't had a chance to read it.. Suggesting advice on how ...

Mase_00_7 Mase_00_7 PRO USDCAD, 15, Education
USDCAD: How to Trade the News
139 0 5
USDCAD, 15 Education
How to Trade the News

How to Trade the News We see lots of new traders in the chat here on Trading View making poor decisions around news based trading. Yes, catching a big move can be profitable, but it is a gamble and one that we as money managers should not be willing to take. Ask yourself this, if you had $1m of client money at stake, would you bet on the direction of a short ...

Bearahead Bearahead LSKBTC, 120, Education
LSKBTC: Lisk and simple trading rules for the unexperienced
1209 10 8
LSKBTC, 120 Education
Lisk and simple trading rules for the unexperienced

What an exiting ride it was with Lisk today. I read the chat and a lot of people who missed the train in the first place wanted to take this ride to late. I tried to warn you but the fomo was to big. In the beginning i made the same mistakes, so i decided to make this chart for you. Trading rules: 1. You missed the train. Bad luck but you have to wait for the ...

PavelKarakay PavelKarakay NZDCAD, 30, Education
NZDCAD: Follow the Trend, My Strategy!
162 0 4
NZDCAD, 30 Education
Follow the Trend, My Strategy!

This is my trading plan. You can look through my published ideas to look at other examples. I need 3 reasons to enter a trade. 1. A clear direction. I use 3 emas 50, 100, and 200 as shown in the chart.(Required) 2. A horizontal support/resistance area. (Required) 3. Price retrace to one of the emas to act as resistance. (preferably than fib) 4. Fib continuation ...

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