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Hey! When we start trading we want to make a lot of money and became millionaires by the end of month. This awesome motivation could be cut off easily without following simple plan and strategy.
When I started trading I entered only with 100$ account and loose it all within a month. I didn’t payed attention to my personal financial plan and rules, which cost me a lot of losses during my first steps in trading.
Knowing this 5 tips will help you out if you just started trading and run small account.

1. Follow financial plan, do not go all in. Yeah, to make financial plan you need to study it first, if you are without financial education. DO NOT GO ALL IN, this is not joke, stop it right now! Small is Big in trading, and watch your trades carefully.
2. Trade less instruments, trade less often. Focus. Once again, small is big. Learn one or two assets, learn their nature and regular chart behaviour. This will help you focus and start open profitable trades.
3. Avoid highly volatile assets, trade high volumes. Take one or two big volume assets and start trading on them only. Do not run into forgotten stocks or coins just because they low cost.
4. Use higher timeframes, do not scalp. Most of new traders lose money in first months just because they trying scalping, your emotions going crazy and risks increasing rapidly. Start taking one-two trades per week and see how it will go, this will release pressure and relax.
5. Accept losses, plan how much you can lose. The biggest problem of all traders is to think in percentages about losses, this way will only increase losses. Think about money and plan you affordable loss amount.

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