Double top formation usdmxn

OANDA:USDMXN   U.S. Dollar / Mexican Peso
We have a potential double top here on usdmxxn


Am Buying "DRY POWDER" from now to June. Most especially from mid 2021 to 2024/2025 At between 22-26 MXN, conservatively, to the $1 USD. I firmly anticipate "POPS" into the 30 -1 Range over the next 6 to 12 Q's.

Then, I am locking into Federally Insured CD's at between 6.5 % and up to 7% Plus. That shed alone give significant buying power to acquire and or build "sQUALITY INCOME PRODUCING "STICKS & BRICKS" in Prime Spots from San Miguel to The Yucatan.

So Tell me... Do the Math and what do you get over the 2-3 Year Window ? Over 100 % Returns with Rock solid appreciating Equity over the 5-10 Year Window that will not erode, let one sleep and more than likely produce a minimum 20-30% Annual Returns in both Equity Income and 'Anchor Equity', if not more, over the course of a 10 Year Window. I can Trade. But why Bother ?

The Gringo ;))