If you are earning Malaysia Ringgit( MYR ) and your business requires you to use USD. It might be a good opportunity for you to change some of your MYR to USD.
4.139 is quite a good rate and I certainly won't take the risk if I have huge purchases that are due in the coming months.

It is very obvious the US government has some plan in strengthening the USD. There are 2 major headlines you should be aware of.

1. US Secretary-General Janet Yellen said the debt limit is hurting the US.
2. Recent G20 Summit, President Joe Biden is going to push forth a minimum cooperate tax bill that will affect tech giants and corporate that set up manufacturing factories overseas.

If you are patient you can wait for 4.0693 to stock up USD. But for it to happen, the market has to break and close below 4.139 on the Weekly Chart.

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