Update: TTM Squeeze Fired

Since my last post, the squeeze has fired. If you caught my original post and followed it, you had the opportunity to get in at 10.8X. The uptrend is strong. MA crossover confirmed legit and confirmed breakout above old downward resistance trend line .

With WTIOIL sustained uptrend, USDP should easily close the gap from 12.00-12.75. The RSX has just crossed into overbought territory, so a pullback is possible. Any pullback would be a prime opportunity to load. Also, USDP just announced its FIFTEENTH consecutive quarterly dividend increase to 0.36 per unit. I'm not an income investor, so someone correct me if I'm wrong, but 0.36 x 4 quarters = 1.44; 1.44/11.55 = 12.47% annual dividend yield.

This is not a sexy stock pick, but I think it's a super-sneaky ticket to gainz. I got in at 10.85, so if I hold through the latter of ex-dividend date and the date the gap fills to 12.75, that's a 20.83% ROI. AND, the last time the MA crossover set up this well in 2016, USDP ran from sub-10.00 to 17.00-plus, from May 2016-Feb. 2017. My best guess is that patience will again be rewarded in 2019.

Disclaimer: This is only opinion. This is not investment advice. You are responsible for your own trades and conducting your own due diligence.

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