The last upswing in DXY is still due

MOEX:USDRUB   U.S. Dollar / Russian Ruble
USDRUB is preparing for the last very violent move in DXY . The peripheral currencies sense something's wrong earlier than the rest of the pack.

My forecast is intact:
1) One last upswing in DXY is due, and it will be an extremely violent one.
2) All currencies are due to lose 20..50% ( EURUSD below 0.90), except the Yen ( USDJPY will land at 84..87 at the same time), all stocks and bonds will crash too.
3) The move will likely be caused by the crash of USDTRY to above 12, which will take down Deutsche Bank and will cause the EU to bail it out.
4) The timings for this price action: all should be finished before the US election.