USDSGD: The top could be in, or close

FX_IDC:USDSGD   U.S. Dollar / Singapore Dollar
241 20 13
There's a distinct possibility that we will see either a major correction or a larger scale reversal in this pair, in 3 weeks or sooner, according to the methodology that I use, which is time at mode.
For the channel enthusiasts, we got an intermediate term downtrend channel top upper barrier above, in the area of very strong resistance, which I derive from my own techniques (not the channels or fibonacci, but what Tim West taught me).
This pair is under constant central bank control, since it's a managed float, and based on the technical elements I suspect they will shrink the exchange rate fluctuation band soon.

I'll update once I see a clear short setup with defined risk and reward variables, and a high probability.
Hope everyone has a good weekend, cheers!
Trade closed: target reached: To the pip, and right on time.
The top WAS in.
Short still valid, on a weekly basis.
IvanLabrie PRO IvanLabrie
Hope everyone jumped in on this one.
Nice range expansion to the downside...wonder if this pair will follow the DXY march to a new high or retest of the highs or just head down now. I suspect down after this correction.
Working beautifully...

Few more days until the last uptrend signal expiration.
Price is already looking bearish, I'll post a suggested entry as soon as possible.
dingying85 IvanLabrie
i guess that is why the energy and natural resources stocks are shooting higher today
IvanLabrie PRO dingying85
Time to cover shorts...probable DXY rally now.

Suggested entry, if you want to ride the last wave up.
1 atr stop under the previous low, you can also wait for the timer to expire. Both work.
Target is speculative, it will go higher than that.
Beautiful weekly bar so far!