(USDT.D) Need to see if it can fall from 7.97-8.26

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(USDT chart)

(1D chart)
You need to see if a gap is created on the USDT or USDC chart.

The larger the candle, the more transactions are taking place in the USDT or USDC market, indicating the amount converted to USDT or USDC.

Therefore, the occurrence of a large rising candle means that a lot of transactions took place in the USDT market, and as a result, a lot of it was converted to USDT.

This means that selling pressure was strong in the USDT market.

However, since a small but continuous gap is created, this gap increase will ultimately maintain the upward trend in the coin market.


(USDC chart)
USDC's continued decline may indicate independent movements away from the stock market.

Additionally, there is a possibility that it may have a negative impact on stock investment products made with coins.

Since the USDC market is not active on the coin exchange, I don't think there will be any direct impact from USDC's fluctuations.


(BTC.D chart)
I believe that in order for the coin market to show a significant upward trend, the price of BTC must rise first.

Therefore, when BTC's full-fledged upward trend begins, BTC dominance is expected to rise above 61.

Due to this upward trend, altcoins are likely to gradually sideways or decline.

Then, at some point, BTC dominance will no longer rise and will begin to decline, and the simultaneous upward trend of BTC and altcoins will begin.

Therefore, I think it is only natural that we should currently focus on BTC or ETH.

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(USDT.D chart)
The USDT market is an active market on coin exchanges around the world.

Therefore, the fluctuations of USDT have a great influence on the coin market, directly or indirectly.

Therefore, the fund flow in the coin market can be predicted to some extent by looking at the movement of USDT dominance.

If you look at the 1W chart and 1M chart, you can see that it is showing an upward trend.

Therefore, from a mid- to long-term perspective, it is expected to continue to rise.

A rise in USDT dominance means an overall downward trend in the coin market.

Therefore, I think it is better to approach investment from a mid- to long-term perspective.

However, if there is movement within the extended downtrend channel formed on the 1D chart and it shows a downward trend, the coin market is likely to show a short-term upward trend.

Therefore, we need to check whether it can fall in the 7.97-8.26 box range.

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** This chart was created using my know-how.

(USDT chart)

(USDC chart)

USDT and USDC are showing a simultaneous gap increase.

Accordingly, it appears that new funds are flowing into the coin market.

USDC's upward trend increases the likelihood that the coin market flow will be coupled with the stock market, so caution is required when trading.

(BTC.D chart)
In order for a bull market to begin, I think BTC dominance must rise above 61 and then show a downward trend.

Therefore, BTC dominance is likely to remain on the rise.

It is highly likely that this upward trend will gradually reduce the altcoin's upward trend or turn it into a downward trend.

Currently, with BTC rising above 29K, altcoins are rising in line with BTC's upward trend, but if BTC continues to rise, the extent of altcoins' rise is expected to be limited.

(USDT.D chart)
If USDT dominance falls, the coin market is likely to rise.

Accordingly, it is necessary to check whether USDT dominance can turn into a downward trend.

(The key is whether the four-year cycle pattern can be continued)

(4년 주기 패턴을 이어질 수 있는지가 관건)

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