Oil versus Bitcoin. Plus a moment of silence for the bagHODLers.

TVC:USOIL   CFDs on WTI Crude Oil
I went long on Oil not respecting bearish divergence on the weekly & lost.
I did not go short on Bitcoin because I respected bullish divergence & missed out on big profits.

I hate every one :) How does this troll thing work? 50/50?
I always always always lose if something is 50/50 :)

Best not touch oil for a while, until a new trend develops or there are signs of reversal or idk something.

Hope crime coins disappear into oblivion.
Hope the brainwash cult commits mass suicide: not being cruel, just the only way they won't ever harm anyone.

BTC on 0.618 right now. Moment of truth. I should hold a candle and shill it every day so it goes to beyind 7500$ and I can short it with leverage with what I have left on bmex.

Let's have a moment of silence for those that lost more than 1/3 of their lifesaving:

"PLZ /biz/ I no longer want to be rich, I have no greed left, I just want my money back, plz , I don't even want to think of how much I lost, I just wanna get it back and I swear I'll stop playing plz?"


"Post some 2017 biz memes
I want to remember those infinite bullrun days"

"We're going to 0. It was all fun and games until we went broke"

"How does bullshit like this get so many upvotes? I'm ******* dumbfounded." (about a post calling crypto a bubble)


"We are one ETF ruling away from a bull market...." (Ran Neuner, twitter )

"I’m financially ruined. It’s going to $0.5, right?" (Elastos)

"I will ride this shit to 0 and be the last sucker left, not gonna sell."

"i really want this to go to 0, just so i never ever have to think about it again. this market ******** **** and i cant believe its drawn me to a place in life where i literally put a gun to my head and contemplate pulling the trigger over digital numbers which I worked so hard for. ****." (Cannot tell if serious)


"Im so fu****. Im down to my last $6k in savings after putting in $100k.
No, I chased highs on margin.

History: Put $30k into crypto July 2017
Hit ATH of: $275k in January
Didn't cash out, separated from job
Had 60k in shared bank, figured Id swing trade some to support myself for work
Bought $20k of ltc around 270
Used that LTC to trade on margin, lost it all
Paid $5k for taxes in April
Paid $7k for rent up until now
Paid $6.5k for other expenses.

Before savings: $90k"

"Sirs. I will not tell you again. Buy buy buy. Big moon. Going to 5x in bearmarket. You have been warning. GE partnership and Korea exchange. Very many lady have great sex time when we show profits!"


CBNC fast money
"It's been a quiter summer for bitcoin . Piper Jaffray's Craig Johnson says that might be a good thing."


"If your portfolio is mostly LINK... Anonymous
You're going to make it. Not necessarily because LINK will moon, but because you got the balls to take risk. I know you will find another way if LINK doesn't work out."

"All in all it's just another Bart in the wall."

"I'm a dumb idiot and I entered a 10x leveraged long at 6500 and I'm getting liquidated at 5800.

I could close now and lose around .0450 XBT which is like 10% of my portfolio. Getting liquidated out would be 20%. Now I'm holding it hoping for a bounce to 6500, basically the meme'd inverse HnS is my only bet.

Welcome to point and laugh, I know I'm a disaster. Trust me I already feel bad enough though. Any advice on what I should do? Hopefully with some reasons. All I know is that if I survive this trade I'm done with trading because I'm just so damn bad at it."


Rest in piece bagHODLers.
Comment: Rofl how is this a bart? Dumb cryptoer...
Comment: LULZ

"Clearly you don't get it! With traditional currencies you can keep printing more money, but you can't do that with crypto. Instead you *checks notes* invent new currencies every week."

"2000s CURRENCY KOOK: Invest in gold! Unlike fiat money, it's made of real stuff and comes from the ground!

2010s CURRENCY KOOK: Invest in cryptocurrency! Unlike fiat money, it's made of...uhhhh nanites or something? and comes from the internet..."
Comment: *****
>be me
>live in shitty 2nd world country
>have no savings, can't afford it with minimum wage
>read up on crypto
>find REQ
>seems legit
>see biz, youtube, reddit and tons of blogs writing about it
>check out roadmap, will have FIAT support by Q3
>tell dad I need to borrow some money for an investment, I'll give him 2x the money back at end of 2018
>dad believes me
>buy REQ
>things going great
>suddenly everything shits itself
>suddenly REQ team says FIAT is only happening later at an unspecified time
>be at 0.4x your initial investments
>realize I won't be able to give dad back his initial money, let alone 2x the amount at the end of the year

well, at least I still have enough to buy a rope

^ Natural selection is still alive. Never give up, natural selection will come back in full force one day and these people won't exist anymore.
Comment: Picture of a yellow chinese with a typical hat
"Press S to spit on them"

Oh I think someone is angry he fell for the scam.
Comment: Ok I am going to stop bothering.
Half of the profit I made in FX+futures past 3 months was a handful of trades on EURUSD and AUDUSD... And doing research on those I spent less than 5% of my time doing.

Goodbye Oil, maybe I'll check it again later, but for now it's best to set it aside.
They say traders chase volatility, but all traders need and THE BEST to trade is something which is smooth predictable non violent, not some bipolar chart with huge violent random swings.

I got about 20 FX pairs I watch + gold + probably I keep copper, and I am slowly looking at some commodities and US bonds might add those too. This is enough for now.

Getting 4-6 good trades a week is enough... That can produce some important growth, it's all we need. Don't need to chase 15 trades a day scalp every single move. Maybe for someone doing it full time and motivated.
Comment: Help mmeeee I spent 5 hours maybe even more today doing research and writting numbers in excel files.

Even if I got "only" 80% winrate, odds to lose 3 in a row are under 1%.
Even if I "only" watch 23 tickers (FX 21 + gold + copper), and pick the ultimate setups that happen 10 times a year, I get 230 trades in 1 year.
Say I risk 2% to make 2% with 85% WR.
1.02 ^ 195 * 0.98^34 = 47.53 * 0.50 = 23.5
25k ==> over half a mil.

Trying hard to get higher winrate & get more opportunities.. is it worth it?
Plus waste time miss trades and take losses doing that, counterproductiv e lol.

I wish eurodollar was always trending :D

Don't see how anyone that hates numbers/maths can trade frequently (> 1/day).
Idk this just requires so many calculations, or you're just going blind.

Must be an addiction, can't stand doing any more, can't stop doing it.

Got these left:

So 9. I am tired, I think I would rather trade them and learn from my losses than do research. Again.
I think now I know what I am looking for and I only need 1 hour each.
So that would be 10 hours and I am done.

My system got so complicated with 10's of conditions and counter conditions and so many numbers, can't even remember it, got to keep encrypted copies and check regularly.

Anyway, as a conclusion here is what I have to say:

Motherf er making money trading crypto is EASY.
This space is so full of dumbasses and moves are so predictable repetitive and obvious I was able to make money with my eyes closed.
But now it is not as good. And it might stay like this even very probably get worse and a really long while.
Ya all going to have to stahp being lazy and learn something new to trade.

Crypto has value: it is a good way for beginners to learn (as long as they don't go bitmex *50 ofc...)
It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.


i think trading daily charts is like the bees knees, forces you to keep low leverage and be patient
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