Homily Chart Trend Expert and MultiDragon Chart MCD Similiarity

MultiDragon Chart ( MCD ) - 70% similar with homily chart

[Hot Money Indicator is an indicator based on specific formula to detect Institutional/Banker investor activities..
Red means Smart Money Flowing in
Green means Retailer
Preferable to have RED more than GREEN to go long.

Trend Expert (TE) - 90% similar

Turtle Resistance - 20 Days High
Turtle Support - 10 Days Low

EMA20, EMA50 and EMA200 in 1 indicator
Trade closed: target reached
Trade closed manually: for those interested can search idea from kgiap123 - Author for MCDX

for Trend Expert (TE) - i no longer use i ddint save the script


How do you get the MultiDragon Chart?
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May i know how you compare TE in Homily is same as Turtle Resistance, Turle Support with EMA have similarity ?
i know when it show RED in TE, means is a good buy for homily, when turn to GREEN then is time to sell take profit.
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Hi, I am interested in using the indicator, can I have the access to it?
Thanks! :)
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new MCDX+
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jasonktlim kgiap123
@kgiap123, Got + baru ada ooomppph!!
What kind of tool u r using mr ericyapkl?
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Hello, can i try this indicator? thx
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davidT133 kinglok3
@kinglok3, Hello, can i try this indicator? thx
Hi, I'm interested in Trend Expert, how can I get this indicator?
Thank you.
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How to get this
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