vedavaag Target 130 cmp 80

SL 70 cmp 80 target 130
Trade active: Bullish Pin Bar on Weekly Chart Get ready for Gap-up opening upper circuit on the way for 3rd Darvas box
Trade active: Double bottom @ 65 strong support buy cmp & hold for next 6 month
Comment: VEDAVAAG Systems was trading at Rs 80.60 up 5.08%, with a huge increase in its volume of shares traded. Till now over 108,482 shares were traded as compared to its 5-day average of 32,971 shares, Good Result Vedavaag results, YOY standalone is 1.72cr vs 1.57cr it`s good numbers and if u see consolidated then it`s a huge profit and EPS .. cons YOY profit is 3.54 cr vs 1.57cr more Dan double. EPS is 2.47 vs 1.1 last year qtr. Vedavaag is enter in new territory with consolidated results and we will see this consd results will improve significantly from here. both standalone and cons both numbers better Dan prev numbers
Comment: BSNL plans to set up 1 lakh wi-fi by March 2019, which include 25,000 for rural areas. VEDAVAAG has registered as System Integrator in the Empaneled list of BSNL and given EOI (Expression of Interest) to BSNL to take up the LAN, WAN, RF Solutions project on behalf of BSNL. More Bussiness coming to vedavaag from BSNL , last few days someone collecting vedavaag @ 70 buy cmp 71 target 130

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