VIBE - Vibing with this LTH ...💎

NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE: This idea IMO for personal use only

Just entered this long term hold metaverse play. Sleeping GIANT IMO ticking all the boxes with P2E, Metaverse, SDK Dev just to name a few.

VIBE is an ecosystem built for speed, transparency and security, specifically got NFT dev and creation on it's own later 2 scaling solution across any blockchain, VIBENet (a layer 2 side chain solution that executes instant transactions with NO GAS FEES. VIBE token is used for the purchase of digital goods and services within the eco system.. More details on CMC.


Entered: 0.09076USD

As always, watch for volume , NFA , DYOR, check on-chain data. Always be watching BTC .

Good chat.🤖