vib is aimed at the hay test

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This week we are passing the middle of the month and it is time for attempts to turn monthly candlesticks into bullish ones for individual coins. VIB still has extremely high potential with medium-term goals up to the 0.25 test. Today, the momentum for the month's reversal immediately passed, but these are only the first investments for the upcoming trend. On the weekly chart, according to the indicators, we remain in a bullish trend for a long time, which will support growth. The main technical signal is the left overshoots on the weekly and monthly charts. Also, in addition, the ground for breakouts will be created by general attempts to grow the market for a turn of the month by tops. Sales continue for the first half of the week based on the inertia of last week, but more active purchases can be expected from the middle of the week. The reason for the growth will also be the weakening of the dollar against the background of events in the Middle East, which I also expect from the second half of the week. The main area of the set of positions for vib today is the range 0.085-90. With an optimistic scenario and the implementation of a reversal already this week, there is a high probability that the month will end before the end of April. With a negative market, the trend will be smoother, with the 0.15 test already in the new monthly candle.
Oax pros and ooki have similar potential, which today I primarily consider to work as the most oversold coins with the highest unprocessed goals. Pros and ooki are less volatile due to the lack of a pair to btc. According to oax, we can expect at least a retest of 0.35, according to pros, a return to the bullish trend followed by a test of 0.75, according to ooki, the target on the retest is 0.0050-75.
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To date, the middle of the trading week has passed and you can consider topping up coins for the reversal of the monthly candle. So far, vib is showing itself most actively, which, in case of consolidation above 0.1, will have the opportunity to trend towards 0.15-25, but as the activity of buyers increases, reversals can be expected for other coins.
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According to the cue ball, the 60k level remains key to maintaining a bullish medium-term trend, while there is a high probability of a repeat wave at the 75k test in the current quarter. In the case of a dollar drawdown tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, a volatile reversal can be expected as early as this week, where buyer activity may further increase against the background of halving. - тренды 100%+ на споте ежедневно

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