VIPS MACD Divergence by MADO how I use it to predict Breakouts2

NYSE:VIPS   Vipshop Holdings Limited
First I want to give mad props to MADO for his/her Divergence MACD Indicator. I found this last night and this is what I have found while using it. Although it doesn't preplot every divergence I would like to see and there are a lot of other things I wish it did...maybe some programmer or Mado themselves would like to help put what I see all together into one indicator. That Said while using the indicator I found that not only can you predict when it will break out but also what it will do when it does, and how far it could go. I have only tested this on a few stocks as I just found this out and wanted to post it while I was discovering it. So its not polished and its not withheld in any way its exactly as I am discovering it. I will make a video again as the first 2 errored out due to my poor internet. lol
@MaDo if you are viewing this I want to give you mad props on this indicator. By far the best one I found and yes im using it not as intendid but thats how i use all indicators. If you are interested in helping me make a version of this with my twist to it I would gladly help you see it the way I see it so that you could. Feel free to reach out anytime.. That goes for any programmers that come across this. I see a lot of things most people dont due to my acquired savant syndrome and would like to share that with the world.
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