VKT Is Showing Bull Signs 300% + ROI

NASDAQ:VKTX   Viking Therapeutics, Inc
Hello, Trading View,

This is one of those stocks that have cought the attention of and so you will usually see a rise in the value of these stocks if it is on the front page of there web site.

It usually just continues up the trend line until you reach that upper resistance line. That is where I will be selling it to practice risk management.

IMO you are going to want to wait until it leaves the lower support line a little more before buying in. So IMO you can set your buy-ins, targets, and stop-losses like so:

Buy-in: 6.50
Target 1: $7.34
Stop-loss: 3% Below the trend line .


Comment: looks like it is breaking the trend line. Creating a head and shoulders pattern. IMO, you should sell here.
Comment: We have a discord channel now.